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Welcome to the blog of Indy CrossFit.  Before you go any further, I would recommend you read this first page, as it will tell you a lot about what we do at Indy CrossFit.  Our goal is to provide the best training facility in Indiana.

I have decided to list what we do and do not have at Indy CrossFit, since that is what most people inquire about.  Some of the list is tongue in cheek, but all of the list is %100 true.

We do not have:  TV’s, treadmills (we run outside, in all types of weather), elliptical machines, showers, spas, hot tubs, Swiss Balls, magazine racks, machines (unless you consider our Concept 2 Rower’s machines), lockers, mirrors, spandex, lifting gloves or bottled water.

We do have:  Mats to lay on after the workout, cool t-shirts with badass sayings, a men’s and women’s bathroom, pullup bars, olympic bumper plates, a tire to turn, a telephone pole to lift, a “running trail”, squat racks, climbing ropes, a place to put your car keys and a group of people who will support and cheer you on because they truly want you to succeed.

Lastly, our program makes no excuses for what we do. It is an intense, difficult, but extremely gratifying workout that will push you to new levels of fitness. We cater to all individuals, however, we don’t change our intensity level. If all of this sounds interesting to you, I invite you in for a free workout to see what Indy CrossFit is all about.

For more info about CrossFit go to www.crossfit.com.

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