Friday, Saturday and Monday


Did Jon McD’s Birthday request workout.  This is one of the workouts that was included in this years CrossFit Games.

5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts (275)(185)

10 Burpees

I finished this in 4:10.  For me…tougher then Fran.  I was trashed after this.


600 m run

100 double unders

70 pushups

50 wall balls

30 box jumps

10 HSPU’s

600 m run

I finished this in 16:23.


AM Crew did 200 M Row, 10 Snatch (75lbs), 20 Box Jumps, 400 M Row, 15 Snatch, 25 Box Jumps, 600 M Row, 20 Snatch, 30 Box Jumps, 800 M Row.  PM Crew did same workout, except substituted Run for Row.


Greg and Ben

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