Forge Philosophy 9-29-08

SSG Joshua Hager was killed in action on a dark road in Ramadi. He had organized and inspected every vehicle and every member of the Scout Platoon including the commander. Lt. Col. Ferry relied upon Josh to make certain everything was in order before they went out. They went out many times. The first Humvee missed the IED. Josh was in the second and was hit by a deeply buried Iranian made IED. Col. Ferry pulled the lifeless body from the wreckage and worked to help the wounded. Rushing to support the attack, another Humvee with the medic hit IED number two.

Friday, the forge conducted hero WOD Josh: 21 ohs (95), 42 pullups, 15 ohs, 30 pullups, 9 ohs, 18 pullups….

Jeff and Molly paying tribute………….



4 Responses to “Forge Philosophy 9-29-08”

  1. the blacksmith says:

    7:26 rx

  2. moe says:

    Knees out! Jeff’s form is lookin’ good.

  3. Brian Sullivan says:

    Two more days!!! See you at 5 on Wednesday.

  4. Brian Sullivan says:

    By the way, I’m already paid so dont go lookin for any money on Weds. hahaha

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