Forge Philosophy 9-23-08


First exposure to this workout reveals Fran’s penchant for throwing a beating. Repeated exposures, where the goal is improved time, demonstrate a ferocity that speaks to the painful cost of elite fitness. Considering the thruster’s position as the most draining of all exercises and the pull-up’s reputation for winnowing athlete pools, there may be little surprise in Fran’s effects.

Crossfit Journal 31

Yesterday, the forge completed Fran and, for many, it was the first chance to meet one of the most humbling hurricanes that Crossfit has to offer. On Friday, we revisited Annie. On both days, we witnessed no less than a dozen PR’s….congrats to all who made the effort and improved their fitness!

the girls and “annie”




6 Responses to “Forge Philosophy 9-23-08”

  1. the blacksmith says:

    annie: 6:45
    fran: 4:26

  2. WOOD says:

    6:43…THAT SUCKED!!!

  3. The Joe says:

    ooo, Vinnie’s shavin’ some seconds…Won’t be long now

    I’m scared to have another date with Fran, but I know it’s got to be done sometime soon…

  4. The Joe says:

    Did Annie last night – 5:36

  5. the blacksmith says:

    great time Joe – you know what time it is? Fran time……let us know….

  6. The Joe says:

    but she’s mean…

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