Friday, Suffer on Sunday and Monday


Looked like a brutal beatdown of a workout.  Did not do it as I was taking the day off!

5 Rounds

15 Box Jumps

15 Double Unders

15 Push Press (65lbs)

15 Lunges (30lbs)

Suffer on Sunday

3 Rounds

5 Bodyweight Deadlifts

10 Hand Stand Push Up’s

15 Squat Jumps (35lbs)

600 M Run


Yeah, I did this one.  I will say this one layed a hurtin’ on me.

AM Crew did AMRAP in 15.  5 Dumbbell Man Makers (35lbs), 7 Pullups, 9 Double Unders.

PM Crew and Westside did 7 Rounds for time of 5 Barbell Man Maker’s (95lbs), 7 Pullups, 9 Double Unders.  I finished this suckfest in 11:34.


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  1. iugirl says:

    The suckfest was last Friday for me. Lesson learned about working out before a competition. I couldn’t walk w/o pain until Tuesday. Even then, it was walking ONLY. Sitting, standing up, steps all still caused discomfort, if not pain. Thus, I missed the fun on Monday. And, didn’t do all that well on Saturday at the competition. Today I pulled something in my thigh. I think I’ll just go sit in an ice bath.

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