A hard workout to describe…You had to do as many reps of squats with 135lbs or 85lbs as you can.  Then you had to run 365 M.  This had to be done in less then 15 minutes, and you had to complete a minimum of 4 rounds.  Lowest round total was your score.


6 Responses to “Wednesday”

  1. iugirl says:

    Sometimes I’m so beat at crossfit I think I could just stand there and sleep like that.

  2. Ben S says:


    My son is a soccer player. The exercise that you are doing looks like something he could do to help him with his headers. The question that I have is what weight is your ball….12 or 20 lbs? Also, how high were you hitting the ball? I want to make sure he is getting everything out of the exercise.


  3. iugirl says:

    Ben, Obviously, the stronger the neck, shoulders and head, the heavier ball he can use. Because I am hardheaded, I use the 20# ball, and get about 4-5′ height out of a well hit header. Actually, Jeff is looking for a rubber one for me, to further toughen me up!

  4. AC says:

    Where’s the floating cartoon balloon thing with the colorful language over Dawn’s head??

  5. Ben S says:

    Dawn’s colorful comment:

    That SOB Jeff better not tell me again that I need to go deeper into my f$%ck&*g squat or throw this GD ball any higher. If he does I will cuff the bas$%&D, hog tie his ankles, and shove this damn ball up his @&$ so far he will look like he is 9 months pregnant.

  6. rodrigo says:

    AC… It’s right here.

    Warning: Not Vince Spielberg quality.

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