Squats and Flying Pepsi Can’s

Squat for Load


I finished at 315 for 3.  I will say beware of Armando.  He is strong and once he gets his conditioning up to par…he is going to be an animal.  Also, nice job to Debbie (it was nice to have her back), for doing squats with a bum wing.


Suzanne getting some mat time…


As most of you know I love soda…but this is ridiculous, I am seeing cans as I drive now!


3 Responses to “Squats and Flying Pepsi Can’s”

  1. Drew says:

    “That’s no Can! IT’S A SPACE STATION!”
    -Obi Drew Kenobi

  2. Jon McD says:

    Jon wants to know why it is 7:41 pm and Jon is still at the office instead of flying away like that can!

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