Friday and our 15K


21 15 9

Snatch (alpha 95lb)


Double Unders


15K  Day

Well, lets start at the beginning.  Apologies to the few who showed up at SHOK to run, however, we were already running at Wolf Run. 

The day was perfect.  No clouds, and not to hot, however, the heat was just enough to make the feet burn a little on the pavement.  Jason, Rodrigo, Scott and myself took off on our 9.3 mile jaunt with high hopes and full hearts…needless to say, the hopes were dashed and the hearts were crushed.  One hour and twenty five minutes later the ordeal was over.  Don’t worry we will do this again.


2 Responses to “Friday and our 15K”

  1. Scott says:

    Jeff didn’t share the whole story. Rodrigo and I (my fault) got lost in the park and ran the wrong route (longer route). 2 hours and 10.7 miles later, Jeff and Jason had to rescue Rodrigo and me. It was a good experience, but I need to run the Drew mile more often so I can run a 10k without any problems.

  2. iugirl says:

    Oh, I can’t wait for the next opportunity to run 9 miles. I am lucky to make the 400 or 600 meters around the building. So, GREAT JOB to all you runners. Way to go! Maybe the next time those of us who opt out of the run can sit on the sidelines and cheer like they do at th mini! We’ll save some beer, er….IronBru for you at the finish. Today was a fun 200 meter run/row, 15 pullups/30JPU, 400 meter run/row, and 12 Push Press. Finished in 20:05, I think. Land speed record for me. It was brutal if for no other reason that it is so HUMID. How about that industrial fan, Shane?

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