For Saturday’s (8/02) 15K run, we will meet at the Wolf Run Community Pool at 8am and run from there.  Wolf Run is located off Thompson Road between Southeastern and Senour Roads. (take 1-74 and exit at Post Road, turn south or right to Wanamaker, turn left at the stoplight at Southeastern, go about 8/10 mile to Thompson and go over bridge to Wolf Run -Ryland homes on the left).

Call Jeff with any questions at 670-8055.  Be sure to bring plenty of water/gatorade to help you get through the nine mile run. See you there!


  1. Scott says:

    Everyone bring a towel and sunscreen for the after run dip in the pool!

  2. rodrigo says:

    By the way, here is my phone number just in case I’m not there in time, I’m probably lost.

    310 283 9811

  3. rodrigo says:

    Scott, I just retraced our path on google earth. We ran 10.7 miles in 2 hours.. hahaha good thing Jeff and Jason picked us up..

    Drew has his own mile at 1800 meters. We got our own 15K AT 10.7 miles OR (17.2KM)

  4. Scott says:

    Thanks. We almost ran a mini marathon if they would have not picked us up.

  5. Drew says:

    I’ll keep my 1800m… for now. I’ll also keep my knee intact for the next 15k.
    Sorry I missed it. Seriously. Good job guys!

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