A note on SOS…

Last summer Joe H and I did some pretty crazy SOS’s.  Multiple Painstorm’s, some long ass workouts that we came up with ourselves etc.  I feel like I have let you all down…to remedy this fact, I plan on resurrecting the true spirit of SOS.  To get us in the mood I recommend you bring your running shoes, some energy GU, and an hour and half of your time…we will run a 15K on Saturday am. 

I am running this regardless…it is time for me to step up and take my game to the next level.  If you are there, we will suffer together, if not, you won’t have anything to tell your grandkids.


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  1. Ben S says:


    You are breaking my heart. I will have to miss the SOS 15K. I will be with Elisabeth in Detroit for her AAU JO meet.


  2. mountainman says:

    I will be there to suffer with you, Jeff! The rest period the doc. ordered is over. See you Sat. morning.

  3. Drew says:

    Does that energy goo come in IV form?

  4. moe says:

    I will be at a Bridal Shower. I could send juice boxes and oranges with Jason!

  5. rodrigo says:

    Maybe I need to rethink my trip to lollapalooza (sp?) in Chicago on Saturday and actually go..

    I agree though, SOS have been light… They need to suck more. Personally, I could live without running a 15k ever but my favorite two words are “fuck it”… I’ll be there. I’m going to hate every minute of it… Just tell me we are not doing this in the parking lot. Let’s go somewhere a little more scenic..

  6. iugirl says:

    Rodrigo, are there better/worse cuss words than that? I was actually contemplating going to SOS this week for the very reasons Jeff mentions. Hell, no. I cry running around the building one time. I agree we need a more scenic and stimulating route, regardless. I am sure if I bought “run like a gazelle” shoes like Jeff all my running problems would dissipate into thin air.

  7. rodrigo says:

    yeah, I got some better spanish curse words :). I think most of us are pretty bad runners but I also know that we all got to do what we hate. The way I try and think of it, the more it sucks, and the longer it sucks, then the more your body will respond to the shock. If you even do it enough, you might start liking it.

    But honestly, my heart sank when I saw this. I don’t breathe right and my gait sucks. I’m in such bad running shape, i don’t even know if I could finish this in 1:30.

    But in the end, it is only an hour and a half.. I’ve had worse. I did an adventure race once.. 18 hours or running, canoeing, mtn biking, land navigation and other stuff… and my team was completely unprepared. We ran out of food, broke all our lights and didn’t really train for it. But it ended.. everything eventually ends.

  8. Scott says:

    Come on Jeff 15k – please. Why don’t we run with someone on our shoulders? Or pull a car/truck around the building. Okay, I have a better idea – tether everyone for the run. Whoever passes out, the remaining runners have to drag that person to complete the run – sort of last person standing. Now that is challenging!

    Seriously, I have never run a 15k before, and I am sure it will suck! Thanks Jeff.

  9. jeff says:

    People on shoulders for 9.3 miles…I like it, I like it a lot.

  10. Kim says:

    Wow, a 15K, I just don’t know….I thought I was doing good by running an entire 5K. Couldn’t we build up to a 15K by maybe doing a 10K 1st? Im scared =( I like the weight on the shoulder running idea like the one SOS we did as teams and flipping the tire. I felt like I was training for the Rocky movie!

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