Wednesday, Friday, Saturday

Some quick catching up to do:



1 min. Wallball

1 min Sumo Deadlift High Pull

1 min Box Jump

1 min Push Press

1 min Calories on Rower

I did 271 reps.


7 Thrusters (135lb)

10 L Pullups

13 Double Unders

235 m Run

4 rounds for time

I finished this in 12:37.  It was a pleasure to be at the Forge on Friday.  Keep up the good work gang!


10,000lbs from floor to overhead (ie clean and jerk)

800 m run with chosen weight

I ended up using 35lb dumbbells in each hand and did 143 reps of clean and jerk…nasty.  I finished this in 23:54.


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