Forge Philosophy 7-21-08

Family involvement is a valuable thing and playing together actively can be the ’90s version of it. Instead of just watching, you can do it together… something we don’t spend enough time on. We can motivate and excite each other about fitness.
~ Alan Thicke

Today, the Forge completed the following: 600m row, 20 knees to elbows, 400m row, 40 ring pushups, 200m row, 60 wallballs…..12:10 for me..

here is blacksmith jr, warming up...



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  1. Jamie says:

    Great pictures of the future crossfitter. I wish I enjoyed the rings half as much as her and the boys do.
    I ran instead of rowing, did 20 – knees to elbows, 40 – ring pushups on toes with chest even with hands, and 60 – 20lb Wallballs. A little disappointed that it took me 19:03. I really struggled with the ring pushups and the wallballs.

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