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Forge Philosophy 6-12-08

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been. ”
~ George Eliot, novelist

Yesterday, the Forge accomplished the following:

365m run, 21 kbell swings (55), 21 ring dips, 365m run, 15 kbell swings, 15 ring dips, 365m run, 9 kbell swings, 9 ring dips.

IFD’s finest…


Important stuff…

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

Well, kind of important stuff. 

First, no Suffer on Saturday.  Dawn, Jon McD, Drew, Kim and myself will be participating in the Indiana Highland Games in Ft Wayne.  However, we will work out on Sunday morning at 8 am. 

Second, we will have an all gym competition starting on Monday the 23.  We will do a hopper WOD on Monday.  Wednesday we will run a 5K, and Friday we will finish with a CFT.  Vince and I would like for everyone to participate in all 3 events.  We will score all 3 events and find the best CrossFitter at Indy CrossFit. 

Lastly, we were nominated for the best gym in Indy by WRTV.  The voting will start on June 23 and go through August 25.  Please go and vote for us at  It would be really cool to see a small gym such as ours do well. 

Thanks for all of your support, Indy CrossFit is what it is because of all of our members.


Friday, Saturday and Monday

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Rain.  That is all we see…anyway, we have still been doing workouts!


Nasty little workout.  10 rounds for time, rounds 1-5 we did 7 burpees, 10 push press (95lbs) and a 235 meter run, rounds 6-10 we did 5 burpees, 7 push press (95lbs) and  a 235 meter run.  I did this in 25:27.


Really nasty workout.

10 Hand Stand Push Ups

20 Calories on row

30 Box Jumps

40 Sumo Deadlift High Pull (65lbs)

50 Kettlebell Swing (35lbs)

60 pullups

70 Wallball

80 Pushups

90 Situps

100 Double Unders

I finished this in 30:23…with a little Pukie starting to come up.


AMRAP in 20 minutes

7 Front Squat

7 Knees to elbow

7 Ring Dips

365 m Run


Forge Philosophy 6-9-08

Monday, June 9th, 2008

Rule your mind or it will rule you.

Today the Forge was “graced” by pain and suffering…30 clean and jerks for time (135)..First time doing this WOD…came in at 5:14…see the video below for all the coolness…

Grace at the forge
Uploaded by shc9087

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Friday, June 6th, 2008


10 Thrusters (135lbs)

10 Double Unders

8 Thrusters

20 DU

6 Thrusters

30 DU

4 Thrusters

40 DU

2 Thrusters

50 DU

I finished this in 5:54 with 75lbs on the Thrusters.


Did Hang Cleans 5×5.  Finished at 205 for 5.


The great flood day.  Morning crew did 5 rds of 500 M Row, 12 Pullups, 15 Deadlifts (135lbs).  I finished in 19:42. 


Kind of a Metcon/heavy lift day.  Did 10×6 Heavy Load Thrusters.  Finished at 155lbs for 6.



Forge Philosophy 6-5-08

Thursday, June 5th, 2008

May that man, that coward never get home from Troy – let him linger here, ripping sport for the dogs, whoever shirks the fight while this day lasts.

Poseidon ~ The Iliad

As some of you know, we had an amphibious assault yesterday at the Forge….. the video tells the whole epic story…. Great work and kudos to those who made extra effort to be there!

We called it Poseidon and it consisted of a 500m row, 50 dumbell swings (50), 400m row, 40 swings, 300m row, 30 swings, 200m row, 20 swings, 100m row, 10 swings…I reached the shore in 15:33.

Uploaded by shc9087

Forge Philosophy 6-3-08

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Even if one’s head were to be suddenly cut off,
he should be able to do one more action with certainty.
With martial valor, if one becomes like a revengeful ghost
and shows great determination, though his head is cut off,
he should not die.
~ Hagakure The Way of the Samurai

Yesterday, The Forge had a 3-round Fight Gone Bad……Check it out below. Way to gut it out guys!

Uploaded by shc9087

Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Monday, June 2nd, 2008


AM Crew did 7 ring dips, 7 pullups, 235 m run, 12 ring pushups, 12 box jumps.  5 Rounds for time.  I did this in 17:15 with a row instead of a run.

PM Crew did 35 ring dips, 35 pullups, 1200 m run, 60 ring pushups, 60 box jumps for time.


3 rounds for time

1 min wallball

1 min sumo deadlift high pull

1 min calories on row

1 min push press

1 min box jump

1 min rest


3 rounds for time

800 m run

10 man makers (95lbs)

20 situps

I finished this in 25:54 as RX’d. 


Bill all the way from Alaska to get a workout in at Indy CrossFit.  We are nationwide!