Day 1 of Indy CrossFit Challenge

Wow!  What an awesome day.  We had 35 people compete on day 1 with some pretty impressive times.  I have to give a shout-out to Vince on thw WOD, he buried me yesterday with an other worldly time of 16:28, however, I will take it to him in the 5K, and CFT (I hope!). 

As far as competitors go…Shane came in with the best time for the men and Molly for the women.  Scores are below. 

The WOD was 965 M Run, followed by 7 rounds for time of 7 Overhead Squats, 10 Pullups, 15 double unders.  RX was 95lbs for the men, and 50 lbs for the ladies.


  1. Shaney King of the Sabbatical
  2. Super Steve
  3. Greg
  4. Rodrigo “where you been”
  5. Brett “Holly” Wood
  6. Jon McD
  7. Justin H
  8. Jason
  9. Brett “Sugarcreek” R
  10. Scott
  11. Ben S
  12. Drew
  13. Wood
  14. Simon
  15. Big Keith
  16. Tod
  17. Kevo
  18. Sully
  19. Kerry
  20. Rick
  21. “Awesome” Lawson
  22. B-Rad
  23. Gary
  24. Travis
  25. Jeff
  26. Lance off Dance off


  1. Molly
  2. Erin
  3. Sarah Smith
  4. Kim C
  5. Marilyn
  6. Alaina
  7. Debbie
  8. Gina
  9. Sandy

5K on Wednesday.  Bring your running shoes.  There is still alot left to go…so if you are near the bottom looking up, big run and big CFT could put you over the top.


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  1. John says:

    Thats a strong first day guys. Sorry I can’t share in the pain, but the beach keeps calling outside my window.

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