Forge Philosophy 6-12-08

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been. ”
~ George Eliot, novelist

Yesterday, the Forge accomplished the following:

365m run, 21 kbell swings (55), 21 ring dips, 365m run, 15 kbell swings, 15 ring dips, 365m run, 9 kbell swings, 9 ring dips.

IFD’s finest…


4 Responses to “Forge Philosophy 6-12-08”

  1. moe says:

    Those dips killed me! 10:23 was my time.

  2. Wood says:

    9:49 as prescribed…I wonder what Vince has planned for tomorrow?!?!

  3. Brian Sullivan says:

    10:37 I think. But I will be the first to tell you that my dips sucked. Cant believe I was even that far down in the picture.

  4. Jamie H. says:

    Finished in 10:03. Had to run on the treadmill upstairs because of the kids so couldn’t try the ring dips. Dips done on the end of the bed with 70lbs on my lap, 35lbs for Kettlebell.

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