Wednesday, Friday and Saturday


AM Crew did 7 ring dips, 7 pullups, 235 m run, 12 ring pushups, 12 box jumps.  5 Rounds for time.  I did this in 17:15 with a row instead of a run.

PM Crew did 35 ring dips, 35 pullups, 1200 m run, 60 ring pushups, 60 box jumps for time.


3 rounds for time

1 min wallball

1 min sumo deadlift high pull

1 min calories on row

1 min push press

1 min box jump

1 min rest


3 rounds for time

800 m run

10 man makers (95lbs)

20 situps

I finished this in 25:54 as RX’d. 


Bill all the way from Alaska to get a workout in at Indy CrossFit.  We are nationwide!

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  1. The Joe says:

    PM Crew…See you Friday (and maybe Saturday)

  2. Sarah says:

    Wed PM: 19:38

    Fri PM: 246 reps total, 55# on deadlift and push press

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