Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Holiday Hill


21 15 9

Hang Power Snatch (75lbs)


600 400 200

I completed this in 11:01


50 squats, 200 meter run, 50 push ups, 200 meter run, 50 sit ups, 200 meter run, 50 box jumps, 200 meter run, 50 double unders, 200 meter run.

Suffer on Sunday

50 Double Unders

900 M run

50 Pullups

900 M run

50 Wallballs

900 M run

50 KB Swings

I finished half this workout and proceeded to tweak my back.

Holiday Hill

10 Sprints up the hill, 1st place does 6 pushups and 6 situps, everyone else does 10 pushups and 10 situps.  Proceeded to do 6 rounds of this until my hamstring went snap.  I think I am gettting old.

Should have pix of the hill up soon.

Big shout out to Jon McD, Drew and Kim for their big throws on Saturday at the Springfield Games. 





3 Responses to “Wednesday, Friday, Sunday and Holiday Hill”

  1. Sarah says:

    Wed PM: 14:38 45#

    Fri PM: 15:41

  2. Jon McD. says:

    Sorry I have been absent, I have been having knee issues lately.

    Hope to see everyone today.

  3. Kim says:

    Sooooo, its my BIRTHDAY Weekend – I will be in on Monday, maybe we can do
    a birthday workout!!!!! See you on monday.

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