Forge Philosophy 5-20-08

We excuse our sloth under the pretext of difficulty.
Marcus Fabius Quintilian

Yesterday, the Forge worked on the following: 7 rounds of 7 deadlifts (225) followed by a 250m run. This took me 14:51.

For those who have been away recently, our new shirts are in..see the pic below. The cost is $20, or $22 for XXL and larger…Get ’em while they last….


Justin on the deadlift


6 Responses to “Forge Philosophy 5-20-08”

  1. moe says:

    Still think that we need Forge gear!

  2. Drew says:

    Take this with a grain of salt considering the source of the idea, but a Boot Camps vs Forges Face-off WOD/SOS sounds kinda fun.

    The KettleSkull Invitational 2008. How’s that for a t-shirt idea? HA!

  3. Brett W says:

    Im with you Moe and let the games begin Drew.

  4. jeff says:

    Hey guys, we are in this as a team…the first rule of competition is you only beat up on your own in practice, when it comes time for competition you unite as a team…with that thought in mind maybe we need to push our cross town brothern, BlastFitness, and TitanFIt into a friendly CF Games.

    And we could all wear Indy CrossFit shirts.

  5. Drew says:

    The Invitational would BE practice, Jeff. We all know we’re one big team, I’d go to both Forge and BootCamp if my body and schedule could manage it. LOL

    I’m all for a friendly CF games, it would be a great promotional tool too.

  6. iugirl says:

    I say let’s go kick some BlastFit Butt! Speaking of team players……

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