Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

 Check it out…some of our finest doing their thing.


5 Rounds for Time

265 m run

20 Wallball

20 Kettlebell Swing (55lb)

7 Jumping Muscle-ups

I was told this was hard.  It looked hard


“The Bear”


hang power clean

Push Jerk


7 times, 7 rounds.  This is a great one.  You have to complete the four exercises 7 times and that is one round.


Messed around with some workouts.  May incorporate one or more of them into a class session. 


The crew after the Suffer on Sunday workout!

 Quick props to Dawn for a great day throwing on Saturday in Kentucky.  She set quite a few personal bests and was strong all day to win her division.  I took second in my division and also had the good fortune of turning a big caber.  I will see if I can get some pix up shortly.

7 Responses to “Wednesday, Friday and Sunday”

  1. Debbie says:

    Wed 5/7 28:01

    Fri 5/9 14:52 55lbs

    To “The Joe” & Alaina it was great seeing you both this morning, thank you so much for thinking of me and stopping by! Joe next time you’re in town you need to make it for an evening WOD!!

    Ordered myself a Buddy Lee this morning, junior size for us little people. Double Unders here I come, (I hope)

  2. Sarah says:

    Wed PM 25:58 Those jumping muscle-ups were killers!! We need to do more!

    Fri PM 13:55 65# I like this one alot!!

  3. rodrigo says:

    nice vid.. you should do those more often

  4. Drew says:

    Friday 5/9: The Bear was just that. My shoulders hurt all weekend.

  5. The Joe says:

    Debbie, next time I will make sure to due one with you and the evening crew.

    Hoffy, you’re shortening your extension on your thrusters. Try to concentrate on exploding all the way up to full elbow lockout. That’s not to say that the lockout period needs to be an extended length of time, but it does need to occur. Shortening the range of motion, while easier, will not allow you to reap the total benefit of the workout, which is why we beat ourselves up in the first place. Also, try to coincide your body decent with that of the bar so that the bar is reaches the “rack” position when you reach the bottom of your squat. Doing this not only helps cushion the force of the descending bar, but also shaves precious time off your workout, since you are working more efficiently. Standing with the bar in the rack position uses energy (and takes time). While it isn’t much energy, you should try to eliminate any that is exerted during a WOD that does not facilitate the completion of the WOD. Hope this helps. How’s Conner? Hope he’s still CrossFitting?

  6. Ray Smith says:

    Wow. The guy on the far left needs to drop the weight on the thrusters. He doesn’t come close to the dynamax and doesn’t lock out at the top? My coach would be screaming at me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This gives Crossfit a bad name, and it’s out to the public!

  7. jeff says:

    I agree with most everything said…however, I don’t know how this gives CrossFit a bad name. There was absolutely no chance for injury with the range of motion being used. Was it bad technique? Yes. Was it good for Eric to see? Yes, because we talked about the full lockout position and how he can achieve that next time. If you have ever been an athlete you know how valuable video can be to someone. I videotape myself doing athletic events all of the time. As you get tired, or as you start to overthink exercises you sometimes will perform dodgy technique. That is why I decided to display the video. Not everyone has perfect technique every time, BUT, if you address the matter by viewing your technique you are more apt to concentrate on fixing technique.


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