Random thoughts on Indy CrossFit

First of all, we are coming into summer and new people will start gracing our doors.  Let’s try to make them feel welcome and encourage their participation. 

Vince and I ordered some bad ass new t-shirts for Indy CrossFit and they should be in shortly.  I am PROMISING YOU that these will go quickly, so if you want one please pay for one promptly.  We had a lot of people ask about our hoodies, and they were sold out within a week.  These are cooler and better then the hoodies.  Everyone and their mother will want one of these.

This is especially for Neal T.  There will be no Suffer on Saturday this Saturday (May 10), however, we will do a workout on Sunday.  My wife, who happens to be a mother, said that we should do it in the morning since everyone will be taking their wives, mothers etc. out for lunch.  So my thought is that we will do this at 8:30 SUNDAY morning.

I believe I have finally solved our video problem.  Stay tuned for future video.  And if it works…we may be doing a LOT of video.

As always questions, comments and general queries welcomed.  If you aren’t here at Indy CrossFit, I don’t know where else you would be.


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  1. moe says:

    How much are the shirts?

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