Forge Philosophy 4-22-08

“Physical strength is the most important thing in life.”

Mark Rippetoe

Just got back from the Barbell Cert up in Ann Arbor, and it was a great time with lots of learning and lifting. We practiced the Squat (the most important strength exercise on the planet), the Press, the Bench Press, the Deadlift, and the Clean over the course of 2 days…This is how the Blacksmith takes a vacation – I strongly recommend it!

For those who would rather go to Florida and fish during their siesta, it would be a great idea to take along any of Rippetoe’s books on barbell training…they are an invaluable resource for learning the theory and mechanics of weight training.

Meanwhile, back at the Forge, we met up with “annie” yesterday. 50-40-30-20-10 of double-unders and situps….I finished in 6:46.

Friday, we caught up with “helen” again….

John swingin’ with helen


Coach Rip teaching the clean


3 Responses to “Forge Philosophy 4-22-08”

  1. Jamie H. says:

    Friday…Helen…Used 35 lb Dumbell Swings and all Kipping Pullups. Couldn’t be happier with my time of 12:51. A huge improvement over last time.

    Monday…Annie as Rx’d…14:39. Still have a lot of work to do on the Double Unders.

  2. Jon McD. says:

    Nice pic on Blacksmith

  3. the blacksmith says:

    Thanks Jon…and great job on helen Jamie!! I’m beginning to think that you are the one that calls all the shots at home….

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