Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday


We did “Difran” which is 21 15 9 of 225lb Deadlift and Pullups.  I did this in 5:36, I think.


Heavy Squat day.  Did a bunch of squats and finished at 3 for 315.  Legs were quite sore the next day.


5 Rounds for time of 20 55lb KB swings, 15 double unders, 10 burpees, 5 handstand pushups and a 365 m run.  I finished this in 24:51.  I have to say this was pretty brutal.


We did Ben S’ Birthday Workout.  It consisted of 600m run, 41 Pullups, 41 squats, 41 Burpees, 600 m run, 41 wallball, 41 box jump, 41 push press and 600 m run.  I finished this in 24:58.

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  1. Drew says:

    Made it in EVERYDAY this past week M-Su 4/14-4/20. Damn I’m sore.

    Happy Birthday Ben! Good workout BTW!

  2. Debbie says:

    Wed – 115lb deadlift, purple band pullups 9:27

    Thurs – finished with 3 145lb squats

    Fri – 35lb kettle bell swings finished at 33:01

    I thought all of these were pretty tuff.

    Happy Birthday Ben!!

  3. Brian says:

    Wed – Rocked this one out in 5:09 rx.

    Friday – Was brought back down to reality with this workout. It was brutal and my time was over 25 minutes. I was the last to finish in the AM group. Argh…

  4. rodrigo says:

    Check out Vince with his game face representin on

    235 run
    12 thruster 95#
    12 jumping pullups
    465 run
    18 thruster
    18 jp’s
    600 run
    24 thruster
    24 jp’s — — 17:56

  5. Sarah says:

    Wed PM: Did this one in 7:46 with 165# on deadlifts (that was ROUGH!!)
    Also tried to kill my friend Ashley who came in for the first time
    and ended up in the hospital with rhabdo!! OOPS!! Be careful
    with the jumping pull-ups!! 🙂

    Fri PM: Finished in 24:33 with 35# kettlebells….

  6. Sarah says:

    OH, and Happy Birthday to both Bens!! Ben S., sorry I missed your workout, looked good!! I see you dropped the hundred off the squats!! 🙂

  7. rodrigo says:


    200 run
    6 man makers
    6 wall balls
    6 pullups
    ———-20:54 this one sucked so good

  8. Neal says:

    This workout looked ok on the board but it was nasty. 25:24. I couldn’t get off my back for another 10 minutes.

    My interview with Jeff is up now – check it out.

  9. jeff says:

    Neal…nice job. Thanks, you made me look good!

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