Forge Philosophy 4-4-08

“It is of interest to note that throughout history, the rise and fall of nations has seemed to coincide with the rise and fall of the physical stamina of their people. Greece rose to the height of her glory (leaving her indelible mark upon the world) during that period when the physical vigor, the patriotic zeal, the independence and freedom of her people were at their height. Athletic professionalism for the few and a lack of strenuous participation among the many brought about a decline in the national physical stamina and a consequent decline in the power of Greece. The same may be said of the great Roman Empire and of Egypt. History indicates, too, that a decadent nation realizes the costly blunder it has made only after defeat at the hands of a physically superior enemy. A period of reorganization follows and attempts are made to imbue the nation with the need of physical improvement.”

– “Gymnastics and Tumbling”, Aviation Training Division, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, US Navy, 1944.

Today, the forge completed the following: 3 rds of 15 deadlifts (225), 15 box jumps, and 15 ring dips…got this done in 6:29..




Molly without the band…



5 Responses to “Forge Philosophy 4-4-08”

  1. moe says:

    Thanks for the picture Vince! I will be crankin’ them out in sets of 10 soon!

  2. Brett W says:

    10:32 Deadlifts are my doom

  3. rodrigo says:

    Did “the Simon”

    kettle bell pulls 35#
    mountain climbers
    kettle bell flip/swing
    double unders
    forgot my time — i think it was 15 somthing

  4. Debbie says:

    Way to go Molly!! I’m so jealous

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