The AM Crew did as many rounds in 20 minutes of 7 pullups, 7 pushups, 7 ring dips, 14 double unders.  I did 11 rounds as RX’d…just saying…the ring dips suck.

The PM Crew did 63 pullups, 63 pushups, 63 ring dips, 126 double unders for time.

Tuesday we did Front Squats 5×3.  I finished at 3 for 265lbs.

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  1. Simon says:

    The ring dips did suck, by the end I don’t think I could call mine a dip there were so shallow. Got it done in…15:23.. I did the double unders in 2 sets 51 and 77.

  2. Jon McD says:

    Had to do Jumping Ring Dips; not quite the man Simon is yet. Complete it in 16:58. I had to partition the workout in intervals of 5,7, 15…..double unders in intervals of 15-20.

  3. My arms and shoulders are totally thrashed. I could only manage 12 dips and pullups before switching to crunches and jumping/band pullups. 21:02

  4. Brian says:

    AM – did 9.5 rounds as rx’d and everything hurts.

  5. Debbie says:

    AM – did 9.25 rds w/band pullups & dips

  6. Sarah says:

    Wed. PM fininshed in 18:45 or something like that….did a few ring dips….the rest were jumping on the rings or regular dips…mine got pretty shallow too though! 🙂 As for the double-unders….still not happening for me so I did the regular jump rope….gotta work on that!! (And getting my arms straight on the pull ups…..)

  7. iugirl says:

    I got it done in 22:51. Jumping pullups and my ring dips were pretty pathetic, also. Alas, don’t know if I’ll ever get the double unders….

  8. rodrigo says:

    I forgot the name but I think it was hanging power clean. 7 x 3. I think I went up to 155# couldn’t complete last rep.
    Also, did hunched over barbell row. 135# 5×3.


    Did Sarah’s brutal workout.

    4 rounds
    10 burpees
    20 HSPU
    30 Wall Ball
    40 weight lung 30#
    Time: 34:30

  9. Debbie says:

    Friday 4/4 28:30

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