Friday, Saturday, and Monday


We reversed the workouts from Wednesday (see Wednesday entry).  I did 400 m row, 12 thrusters, 12 pullups, 12 box jumps.  I did this in 16 and change. 


Interesting workout.  We did body weight deadlifts with as many reps as you can do…once you put the bar down from fatigue we ran a 600 m run.  We did this for 15 minutes non-stop.  I finished with 44 reps at bodyweight.

Saturday afternoon Dave Patania came in to do a shoot.  Big thanks to Debbie, Jason, Vince and P’Pool who helped out.  The video can be seen at and click on the health and fitness box.


We did 21 15 9 of 135 lb squats, burpees and a 400 m run after each round.  I finished this in 12:42.

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  1. Simon says:

    Monday 3/31/08 Felt good today,

    21, 15, 9,

    squat (115lbs)


    400 meter run

    the squat was good no long stops and never put the weight down, getting better at the burpees, running outside is so much harder than the treadmill, I finnished in a time of 13:23.

    I this was the day i got my first …..Muscle Up….. though it wasn’t at all pretty

  2. Debbie says:

    Friday 3/28 – 11 rds

    Monday 3/31 – 15:39 squats (75lbs)

    Muscle Up might not have been pretty but you stayed with it until you got it! GOOD JOB Simon!!

  3. Brian says:

    Friday 3/28 – 18 and change

    Monday 3/31 – 13:14 rx

  4. rodrigo says:

    I’m a day off but Tuesday we did 3 reps by 5 sets of front squats.

    I started at 155 and finished at 195#’x, dropped my very last rep.

  5. rodrigo says:


    63 pushup, 63 pullups, 63 ring dips, 63*3 single jump rope

  6. Kim Zlaty says:

    Monday 21 15 9 ~ Finished in 17:53 – really starting to work on the running. 2nd round was tough, not sure why but did better than I thought.

  7. For Rodrigo and anyone else who is curious, my blog is I spend a lot of time around people who fight for fun and profit, so if foul language and low brow humor offend you…here’s your warning.

  8. Sarah says:

    Fri: 13 1/3 rounds, I liked that one!
    Congrats on the muscle up Simon!! You rock!

  9. rodrigo says:

    Neal, I checked out your blog. I’ve actually sparred BJJ with Chris Frayar before several times and he’s kicked my ass every single time.

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