Forge Philosophy 3-24-08

“It is astonishing how many men lack this power of ‘holding on’ until they reach the goal. They can make a sudden dash, but they lack grit. They are easily discouraged. They get on as long as everything goes smoothly, but when there is friction they lose heart. They depend on stronger personalities for their spirit and strength. They lack independence or originality. They only dare to do what others do. They do not step boldly from the crowd and act fearlessly.”

Dr. Theodore Cuyler

Today at the Forge, we accomplished the following: 5 rds of 20 wallballs, 15 double unders, and 10 weighted pullups (15lbs). I completed this in 12:39.

We’ve got a couple of people who come to the forge regularly who have been “zoning” for a couple of weeks and they are seeing and feeling amazing results. I’m extremely proud of their commitment and can only hope others follow their example. For those who are finding it difficult to “hold on”, I have four words for you courtesy of Bayan’s t-shirt today: shut up and train.

Molly on the attack…




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