Friday, Saturday, Monday

Friday 3/14

“Tabata Friday”

I think everyone was pretty smoked after this workout.  We did Tabata Intervals on Pushups, Squats, Wallballs, Push Press and Box Jumps.  If you don’t know what a Tabata is…you need to come into Indy CrossFit to find out.

Saturday 3/15

A nice little team workout.  600 m run (all this was as a team), 500 Double Unders, 500 Thrusters, 500 Situps and a 600 m run.  I am going to be honest and say that my legs were quite sore.

Also, we had a Highland Games Clinic with Lannie Pullon after the workout and we had 4 Indy CrossFit members participate.  Great job to Jon, Drew and Dawn who worked hard all day, and a big thank you to Lannie for taking the time to show us how to do it right.

Monday 3/17

AM Crew did rounds in 20 minutes of 7 pushups, 7 pullups, 7 knees to elbows.  I completed 11 1/3 rounds.  Was not feeling it, but I will keep plugging away until I do.  That is the beautiful thing about CrossFit…some days you are at the top of your game, other days you have to grind.

PM Crew did 77 pushups, 77 pullups, 77 knees to elbows, 77 wallballs, 77 box jumps for time.  Nasty workout.  Great job to all those who braved this workout on St. Patty’s Day.



9 Responses to “Friday, Saturday, Monday”

  1. Simon says:

    Great WOD on Friday, Tabatas are extremely tough.
    After Jeff’s talk about strategy last Sunday, (and if you missed the fundamentals,
    Take the time to get there, you’ll learn a lot. Vince’s talk inspired me to push just that little extra, thanks Vince).
    The strategy was not to blow out on the push ups and the thrusters so I stopped at 12 pushups and did this comfortable for 8 rounds and stopped a 6 for the thrusters, with getting a PB for the squats 17 I ended up with a total of 54.

    Saturday was a great team workout, getting down the stairs the next day was painful.

    Had a strategy on the order to do this workout, but when it came time to do the knees to Elbows all the bars were full, so I ended up doing them last, not the best idea ended with a time of 29:59.

  2. Sully says:

    Made it in on Monday before all the fun started. Got 12 1/3 rounds. Paid the price. My hands are shredded. However, it did not keep me from picking up a couple of pints later on that day.

  3. jeff says:

    Looking at the picture at the bottom, it looks like Brett W. is asleep.

  4. Debbie says:

    Mar 14 pm Tabata Friday – 48

    Mar 17 am Mon 10 2/3 rds

  5. Brett W. says:

    Thats Bulls&%# ! I was taking notes.
    Come on Jeff !

  6. Sarah says:

    Fri Tabata was a great workout…57 on that

    St. Patty’s Day came in the morning since I had a marathon drinking day planned…got 11 1/3 rounds…also shredded my hands but luckily for me I couldn’t feel them anymore after about 11:30 in the morning! 🙂

  7. Kim says:

    Tabata – tough but in a good way! Lost it on my double unders so my score wasn’t as high as it could have been – lost focus! I did better on pushups during tabatas workout than I thought I would so that must be a good sign.

    Saturday – what a great team building work out – communication – not a great runner so thanks for pushing me through the 600 m – definately felt it in the legs the next day, tried stretching while I was shopping, looked a little funny!

    Missing the workouts Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday – working both jobs, see you on Thursday and Friday.

  8. Brian says:

    Fri Tabata was brutal….40 something on that

    St. Patrick’s Day…finished 11 rounds

  9. Drew says:

    Saturday 3/15: Great wake-up workout, Felt good to run. Especially when it was over. Highland games were awesome, can’t wait to throw again.

    Monday 3/17: Wasn’t feeling too lucky when I saw 77 box jumps on the board, but I think I did it all in 26:?? something… Felt good though.

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