Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday

Friday 3/7

I won’t explain what the morning crew did, because even explaining it to my morning crew in person, I still don’t think they understood what was going on.  Anyway, the PM Crew did 7 Pullups, 7 KB Swings, 7 Burpees as many rounds in 15 minutes as possible.

Saturday 3/8

We did “Grannie” which is a combo of Grace and Annie.  5 rounds for time with 6 135lb clean and jerk, 30 double unders and 30 situps.  I think I did this in 14:27.

Sunday 3/9

Did the Fundamentals Class.  Had a nice turnout and a great time.  If you have not had the chance to get to one of our classes you should.  They are the second Sunday of each month, and we work purely technique…plus, it is free to all members.


AM Crew did 400 m Row, 10 Hand Stand Pushups, 20 Dumbbell Thrusters, 30 Box Jumps…3 rounds for time.  I did this in 18:33

PM Crew did “Helen”.  3 rounds with a 400 m run, 21 kb swings, 12 pullups for time.

As a bonus I will throw Tuesday in here.  On Tuesday we did heavy push press.  I finished at 3 x 235lb.

Keep fighting the good fight and make sure to post your comments.

7 Responses to “Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday”

  1. Debbie says:

    3/7 Fri pm 7 rds

    3/10 Mon pm 14:31, 36 jumping pull-ups per rd is a lot, didn’t cross my mind until 3rd rd to do purple band which I think I could have done 24 band faster than 36 jumping. But for those of you who have been around me know I need to have one of the boxes by the cage just to get up on the side bar of the cage to get my foot in the band.

    3/11 Tue got 3 x 85lbs went from 85 to 95 and got 1, should have gone to 90 instead, but was trying to keep up with Dawn & Kim, big mistake on my part, no where near being in their league when it comes to lifting weigh. I liked flipping the tire though. Jeff forgot to mention that us girls beat both teams of guys on that.

  2. Brian says:

    Monday AM – 21:21

  3. Drew says:

    Monday 3/10 pm 13:00 even.
    The KB pointers from Sunday really helped me kick it up a bit. Did 12 straight pull-ups in rounds 1 and 2, new PB…
    Request for April technique seminar: Running.

    Tuesday 3/11 3x185lbs in round 6 of 7
    I can’t count any of round 7, I kept doing Push Jerk instead of Push Press.

    On behalf of the guys, I think we deserve a tire-flip rematch. There was some definite “flip-roll-flipping” being performed by the ladies team.

  4. Sarah says:

    Fri 3/7 pm 9 rounds

  5. IFD Brad says:

    Normal schedule for St. Patty’s day Monday? AM?

  6. the blacksmith says:

    brad – yes..normal schedule…

  7. iugirl says:

    Hey, Drew and Jon, here is just 1 link for info: Also, Between Jeff and I, we should have most of the contact info you might need. Sat. was fun. Jackie, you missed it!

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