Forge Philosophy 3-11-08

Yesterday at the Forge, we did the following: 21 – 15 – 9 of 95lb OHS and handstand pushups. This is another example of a workout that doesn’t look bad on paper….and then reality sets in. I completed this in a little over 10 minutes. Great performance by all who came yesterday, especially John aka “the punisher” who blew me up…

Erin on the OHS…


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  1. Jamie H. says:

    Thank you Jeff and Vince, that was a great class on Sunday. If you haven’t been to one you should try to make it. I really learned a lot. I did my first CFT this weekend and was really disappointed. I knew I could do better. After I got home I realized I was missing everything that Jeff and Vince talked about in class. I had no strategy going in, my diet (which John warned me about before) and sleep was seriously lacking, and my nerves got the best of my focus and intensity. Lesson learned.

    Friday I did Vince’s 9 Kettlebell (25lb), 6 SumoDeadliftHighPull (45lb), 3 Burpees. I finished 16 rounds in 20 min. You know it is bad when you are looking forward to Burpees.

    Monday I did 21-15-9 with 55lb Overhead Squats and subbed feet on the back of the couch pushups for handstand pushups. I finished this in 5:35.

  2. John says:

    I got in at 9:11 with Vince yelling in my ear.

    Vince as long as your are able to do muscle ups the gym will be chasing you.

    Seeing is believing. Great Job.

  3. Ben Weger says: I know we were discussing this a couple days ago. Here’s the link.

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