Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Announcements


In the AM we did 5 rounds for time, 400 m run, 10 Push Jerk, 20 Double Unders.  Weight on the Push Jerk was 115lb.  I did this in 16:31. 


An interesting thing happened on the way to the gym…we ended up with a lot of snice(snow and ice).  With all of the snice we were left without power.  HOWEVER, being the diehard CrossFitter’s that we are we did not let this deter our lifting.  We did nice heavy Deadlifts.  We completed 5x5x3x3x3x1x1 for load.  I finished at 480lb.  Ben W. was nice enough to take pix…


John and Scott going Old Old School.


AM Crew did 7 Pullups, 7 Kettlebell Swings, 7 Burpees as many rounds as you can do in 15 Minutes.  I was into round 2 when I popped a blood blister on my finger and I switched to Ring Pushups instead of Pullups.  I finished with 12 rounds.

The PM Crew did “Sarah”.  Yes, our own Sarah S. decided to devise a devious, devilish, delightful workout for the evening crowd.  It went something like this…600 m run, 10 man makers, 20 weighted situps, 3o wallballs, 40 KB Swings, 600 m run, 40 jumping pullups, 30 double unders, 20 Hand stand pushups, 10 man makers and to top it all off another 600 m run.  Needless to say…I did not participate.   I have officially made Sarah our new ” workout” maker and she has already given me 3 more.  Yeah Sarah.


Did some heavy thrusters…I finished 3x215lb. 


Fundamentals on Sunday at 1 pm with Vince and Jeff.

Lannie Pullon Highland Games Clinic is postponed UNTIL NEXT Saturday. 

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  1. iugirl says:

    I did Sarah’s killer workout in 39:01. Again, a blistering speed. My deadlift maxed out officially at 265, although I got 285, but “hitched”. Thus, that didn’t count. Still, that is right at my PB at CFT, so I figure I will be pushing to hit 300 at the next CFT. I did the final/max thrusters at 3X125, which I am pretty happy with. Jeff forgot to mention we threw some weights afterwards yesterday, a la “Highland Games Style”. I think we have some more competitors……

  2. Brian Sullivan says:

    Got 415 on the dead lift in the dark. PR. Glad we did something even with no heat or lights.

  3. Sarah says:

    I did my workout in 23:01….and you can blame Jeff for the 2nd set of man-makers…I originally had dumbell thrusters in there…..I greatly enjoyed the ABBA though…it made the workout so much more fun!! 🙂 And I know how much everyone else likes them!

  4. “Sarah” was one of the worst workouts yet. Every week there is one workout that absolutely wrecks me and this one was it.

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