Forge Philosophy 3-5-08

The essence of Crossfit:

“The iron ore thinks itself senselessly tortured in the blast furnace: the tempered steel blade looks back and knows better.”

I have no idea who said that, but I can’t imagine a more appropriate description of what all of us go through, both before and after our workouts.

Today at the forge we did the following: 7 thrusters (95), 7 pullups, and 7 burpees for 5 rounds. I completed this in 6:39, thanks to Special Agent Howard, who came in early and provided some competitive motivation.

The new sport of synchronized collapsing…


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  1. Brian Sullivan says:


    Sorry I missed today. Got called in to read the meters today at the last minute. Spent about six hours walking in the ice and snow leftovers. Had a decent sweat going.

  2. stro says:

    HEy guys what up? I need to stop in and buy a couple shirts. Keep up the good work.

  3. stro says:

    Hey Vince, wasn’t that the One World Video WOD on I may have to give that sucker a shot.

  4. John says:

    Got it done in 7:28 Vince thanks for the motivation, but we have to do something about the 5 second count down.

  5. the blacksmith says:

    stro – yes, that was the one world wod….but we did the man weight on the thrusters…

  6. Brett W. says:

    This one was short and not so sweet. 7:03 but it took me half the day to recover. Thanks a lot Vinnie. See you Friday for more pain.

  7. Drew says:

    3/4 “Nightvision” Deadlifts – 5x5x3x3x3x1x1 New PB: 355lbs

    3/5 5:30pm “Sarah” in 25:57
    600 m run
    10 Manmakers 70lbs
    20 Weighted situps 20lbs
    30 Wallballs 20lbs
    40 Kettlebell swings 35lbs
    600 m run
    40 Jumping pullups
    30 Doubleunders
    20 HSPU
    10 Manmakers 70lbs
    600 m run

    And Thanks Sarah, we all needed a good run… and NO we don’t hate you. LOL

  8. iugirl says:

    Drew, I think you should speak for yourself as far as “hating” Sarah. I still refuse to speak to her, and I pray she doesn’t go for CF certification, or we are in BIG trouble. Really, a pretty cool workout. But, Sarah, you are worse at math than I am . Dawn

  9. Drew says:

    What are you talking about Dawn?!?! Wednesday was FUN! 🙂
    I’d love to get CF certified myself, but Jeff’s ensuing laughter at the notion might kill him.

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