Forge Philosophy 2-27-08

We often give our rivals the means of our own destruction.

-Aesop (sixth century B.C)


We can be our own worst enemies. Contemporary life offers many opportunities to fail ourselves by putting off things that we know need to be done. These forces come in many forms, and they all whisper sweet nothings in our ears, offering words of rationalization and comfort. The great thing about what we do here is that it gives one the chance to confront and defeat laziness everyday.


Don’t miss the chance for victory and glory – get the workout done and defeat yourself…



Officer down…




4 Responses to “Forge Philosophy 2-27-08”

  1. the blacksmith says:

    Forgot to put the workout up….the forge did 4 rds of 10 ring pushups, 20 sumo dealift highpulls (95), and 30 box jumps. I completed this around 11:43….

  2. IFD Brad says:

    Good hard “from the mind of Vince” workout. Got it done around 12:34. “Officer Down” huh, I thought only firefighters laid around all day…

  3. The Joe says:

    2/29 – OK, so Alaina and I went over to my friend’s house to introduce him to CF (Alaina calls him Leonidas). I was gunna do rounds in 20, but Alaina said that may give him a chance to slack…she was probably right. We did 5 rounds of 10 Burpees, 15 DB Swings (guys 50#, Alaina 20#), 20 Situps. I finished in 10min flat; Alaina 10:46; Leo…22:46.

    His achilles heel was the situps. Also, he’s a powerlifter, so he tried to muscle through the DB Swings, which he did quite nicely, but they really took it out of him. All in all, not too bad, but he needs more fight in him. Once he got a little winded he would wait until he got ALL his breath back before moving on…that’s gunna have to change. CF is training for LIFE! When the S#^T hits the fan, you can’t call time out, you can’t take a break, you can’t stop time…you gotta fight; end of story.

    No pictures as he kinda limped through the WOD. Next time, maybe I’ll bring my rings over and get him to do some ring push-ups. Afterwards, he can tell me how they compare to his “Perfect Push-Up” 😉

  4. AC says:

    hee hee, he got punked by a tiny little woman!! : )

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