Friday, Saturday and Monday


Two people did “Angie” in the morning.  100 Pullups, 100 Pushups, 100 Situps, 100 Squats for time.  Everyone else did Vince’s Birthday workout.  I finished the workout in 20:24.  Not making excuses, but I could tell I was still in recovery mode from the flu…I STRUGGLED through that workout.


We did “Annie” and then a nice easy 1000k row.  Annie is 50,40,30,20,10 double unders and situps.  This was my first time ever doing this workout.  I enjoyed it.  A big change of pace.  I did this in 9:46…situps were a problem for me.  I know an area I need to work on.


Everyone did 12 Hang Cleans, 20 Box Jumps, 12 Burpees, 5 rounds for time.  I will put up a little info about Dave Patania stopping by Indy CrossFit and the video shortly.  I want to thank all of the fella’s who got up early to get their mugs on tv.  Good job, guys.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Monday 2/25, 21:44 4 rounds, 1st time back in 2 weeks after fighting another bad cold or what ever it was

  2. Drew says:

    Monday 2/25, 6:00 am, 5 rounds, 19:28. Legs hurt, but in all the right places this time. Technique must be improving. Got to improve my times.

  3. The Joe says:

    2/25 – Decided to run. Did 1.8 miles, which included down to the levee then running parallel to it while going up and down it, then back home. No time (forgot watch).

    2/26 – Trying to get a friend converted to CF, so today we did his workout (typical BB Chest & Tricep) 2 hours (didn’t break a sweat). Next time…It’s my turn. Alaina will be here on Friday, so I may wait til then and have her do it with us and see if he can keep up 😉

  4. the blacksmith says:

    The Joe…when your friend collapses midway through your workout, please remember to bring your camera and take a picture…Kodak moments like those only come around a few times in life…

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