Forge Philosophy 2-25-08





The will to prepare is far more important than the will to win. The will to win is the easy part….everyone wants to win. The challenge is to develop the committment to train – every day – so you’re ready for that one moment in the future when winning is on the line. Derek Parra

Today at the forge we did the following: 5 handstand pushups, 10 pullups, 15 double-unders, and 20 squats per round for 7 rounds….I completed this in 12:53.

And this morning, we had a great turnout for Channel 13’s coverage of Indy Crossfit…if you missed it, go here:

Thanks to all who came extra early for the pain…I’m proud of you guys..
Awesome Lawson back in the gym…





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  1. Stro says:

    Great footage! Nice to see that IndyCrossfit is finally getting all the exposure it deserves. Keep up the good work Jeff. I have been motivated to the point that I am actually going to a crossfit certification class in Ann Arbor in April with Jay. It’s the basic barbell cert, it is a start and eventually I plan to work on my level 1.

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