Forge Philosophy 2-13-08

Today, Fran paid a visit to the forge and kicked our collective ass. See video for more.

Another great turnout and some great efforts by all! I got it done in 4:50.

It is rare to break one’s leg when toiling upwards –

it happens much more often when one starts to take things easy and to choose the easy paths.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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8 Responses to “Forge Philosophy 2-13-08”

  1. John says:

    Vince great video. I was wrecked. I would say I did Fran, but the truth is that Fran did me in 5:44.

  2. Jamie H. says:

    My first time with FRAN…Next time my goal is to do kipping pullups.
    FRAN – 45lb Thrusters, Jumping Pullups… 3:48.

  3. Brett W. says:

    Fran was one nasty Valentine !
    Loved The video Vinnie ! Where did your neck go ?

  4. IFD Brad says:

    “Adversity introduces a man to himself.” -unknown-
    Fran is one hell of a mirror. See everyone on Friday.

  5. The Joe says:

    2/14 – Did Rounds in 20 min of 5 Push-ups, 10 Thrusters (95#), 15 Double-Unders. 14 rounds + push-ups.

    Starting round 9 (~11min) I was sucking wind pretty bad. Need more longer WODs like these.

    Vince great job. How much time did you take off your previous Fran?

  6. Ted C says:

    Hi all, it’s been awhile.

    Did Fran yesterday so figured I’d post here too.

    Great job Vince!

    Last time (about 2 months ago):

    subbed 90# thrusters otherwise as Rx’d – 9:46

    Somebody on some blog somewhere said that this was meant to be a sub 5 workout so this time around I dropped the weight to be sure.

    This time:

    CFWU X 3 (sans pu’s)

    subbed 60# thruster otherwise as Rx’d – 4:57

    Destroyed me. this is a welcome rest day. I can’t wait to feel a sub 3 as rx’d. I’m gettin’ there.

    Almost forgot, Happy Anniversary!

  7. the blacksmith says:

    The Joe: thanks bro – actually the last fran i did was with you last summer. I was a little slower this time because I was concentrating on extending all the way up on the thruster – a flaw that you noticed last time. This time around, I was able to do the 21 and the 9 set of both without stopping – the 15 round killed me. I’ve got to work on my middle game.

  8. stro says:

    Great video vince. I thought I was watching a professional workout infomercial. Great time! Did Fran Tues, Did Randy wednesday 75# pwr snatches 75 reps for time,did it in 7min. Did Nate yesterday 2 muscle-ups, 4 handstand pushups, and 8 kettlebell swing with 2.5pood weight, as many rds in 20mins. Nate whooped my ass. Did jumping muscle ups, had to drop kettle bell weight and still only got eight rds in. I am sore all over. Joe H, Jeff and everyone else what up?

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