Friday, Saturday and Monday


Did 20 Push Press, 40 Kettlebell Swings, 60 Pullups, 80 Double Unders, 100 Squats.  We did this in all of the classes in the AM and PM.  Nice little workout.  I finished this is 14:43 I believe.


Nasty Suffer on Saturday.  1000 M Row, 20 Double Unders, 15 Power Clean and Jerk with 135lbs.  3 Rounds for time.  There was only 3 of us for this workout, but it was a smoker.  I finished in 23:59.


Vince and I did our seminar.  It was a great time and a great turnout.  If you read Vince’s post already you know that no pix were taken. However, you have to come to the one in March to find out all the stuff we learned.


AM crew did 5 front squats, 5 double unders, 5 box jumps on the minute every minute for 20 minutes.  If you could not make the 15 reps you were done.  I went to 20 (I actually had more in me, it just would have taken a while to complete).

PM crew did 5 thrusters, 5 double unders, 5 box jumps.  Same premise as the AM crew, however, near the 20 minute mark we still had 4 people rocking and rolling so I did a 3 minute winner takes all sprint with the most rounds completed.  Good job to everyone on that workout.


P’Pool getting some work done.

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  1. The Joe says:

    2/12 – Did 5 front squats (135#), 5 double-unders, 5 box-jumps (20″) on the minute for 20 minutes. Endurance has gone down! Was sucking serious wind by round 17/18…Getting back into shape SUCKS!!! No more vacations for a while.

    PS – Happy Birthday Drew. Jeff whadya get him? His own Baby Buddy Lee? 1/50 Pood Kettlebell? Ooo, I know, his own PVC pipe to practice his O-Lifts 😉

  2. Drew says:

    Tuesday 2/12: 10x8x6x4 Deadlift. 275 lbs. Back feels good though! Like Jeff said, time to start doing CFTs.
    Also threw 28 lbs of iron at a tree. I like throwing things. 🙂

  3. Sarah says:

    Fri workout 16:29

  4. Stro says:

    What up guys? Congrats on your one year anniversary. I know I haven’t worked out there in a long while, but I have manage to continue crossfitting. Jay and myself have been hitting it at NIFS. Thanks for changing my mind set when it cam to true fitness. Keep up the hard work and just so you know the crossfit ideology is spreading. I am seeing more and more people doing the WOD’s. Just FYI did Fran yesterday 95lb thrusters 21 15 9. Did it in 7:12. Not the greatest but it still hurt.

  5. Debbie says:

    Fri 2/9 33:24

    I’m sick, again! Which is why I wasn’t there Monday or Tuesday. Going to the doctor today. It’s a bitch getting old, I just can’t seem to get over stuff.

  6. The Joe says:

    2/13 – Did modified 2/8 Indy WOD. No pull-up bar yet (sucks!) so did 20 135# push press, 40 swings (used 2 25# bags of mortar), 60 push-ups, 80 double-unders, 100 squats. 9:35.

    WOD wasn’t long enough to work endurance, but that’s OK…one step at a time. Tomorrow will try for a 15-20 min WOD.

    Diet’s been good. Lack of endurance could be due to dietary changes (i.e. getting used to eating correctly again).

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