Forge Philosophy 2-11-08

Today at the forge we did the following: 5 rounds of 15 overhead squat (75), 25 double- unders, and 35 situps. Got it done in 15:20 rx.

Yesterday, we had a great turnout for our first fundamentals class – unfortunately, Jeff and I forgot to take any pictures, so you’ll just have to trust me. We covered some basic Crossfit philosophy before moving into 5 basic movements and their respective cues. About 15 people showed up, including a few folks who walked into Indy Crossfit for the first time. For those who missed it, have no fear: we’ll be doing this once a month, learning new movements as we go along. I think everyone yesterday agreed that it makes a world of difference when you can come in and practice fundamentals without the worry of a ticking clock…

In other news, our friend Brokeback Joe is still climbing…(it’s a pretty tall mountain!) Below, you’ll find the most recent post from his wife who is relaying info from Joe to all of us back home…

Saturday was spent as an acclimatization day at Plaza de Mulas. Throughout the expedition, the climbers will follow the philosophy of “climb high, sleep low” as they ascend up the mountain. Sunday followed suit, as Joe and his teammates carried gear to Camp Canada (Camp I) at 16,200 feet.

From base camp at Plaza de Mulas they climbed switchbacks up steep scree slopes to the rock spires that mark Camp Canada. (We will post all photos after Joe returns to the United States.) At Camp Canada, they cached (stored) food and gear, and then returned to base camp for the evening. This took about five hours.

Of the nine team members, two did not embark on the cache to Camp Canada today, nor will they be continuing with the climb. Joe explained to me that there is a camp doctor at base camp. This doctor monitors all the climbers, which includes, among other things, taking blood pressure and pulse oxs — measuring the oxygen saturation in the blood, which can signal respiratory or cardiac problems. Although our satellite phone call was fraught with too much interference for me to ascertain specific details, the gist is that one climber had a blood pressure that was too high to continue, and the other climber’s physical reserves were simply too depleted to endure any more.

“The rest of us continued up,” Joe said after the carry and cache. “Our loads were really heavy. I have blisters on my feet and my knee is throbbing. Other than that, I feel strong, although at this moment I am utterly exhausted. The plan tonight is to take care of my knee, to rest and to keep hydrating.”

The team will spend Monday preparing to make their next camp on higher ground.

Cory’s first visit to the Forge…great form!


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  1. The Joe says:

    2/11 – Forge WOD 12:42 w/95# OHS

    Time to get back into a serious routine. Been slacking since just before Christmas…It ends today! Zone/Paleo with the occasional IF day; and, of coarse, Crossfit. Have a friend who’s a powerlifter; may do a day or two with him every week to try and get some of my strength back. That is, until I get my own bumpers…

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