Forge Philosophy 2-6-08

Today at the forge we did as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 10 dumbbell swings (45), 10 pushups, and 10 situps. I hear frequently from athletes that they’re unable to remember the number of rounds or reps that they complete. This brings up an interesting training point that I’d like to share.

I submit to you that this mental challenge is part of the workout. Anyone who has studied crossfit long enough knows that survival fitness is a thinking man’s or woman’s game. That is to say that one must use every tool (including the mind) at your disposal in order to successfully complete the WOD.

In combat, when the body is in the midst of extreme stress, the ability to think clearly becomes difficult. We know, for example, that during a life or death struggle, one’s memory will distort and the ability to see things as they are becomes problematic.

This is, of-course, a bad thing.

How does one eradicate the fog of war? Stress inoculation – the practice of placing yourself in the closest simulation possible to the real thing. Then, when the real thing happens, the body and the mind are more able to respond – because they’ve “been there” before.

What in the world does this have to do with the WOD?

Every WOD requires one to work and think at the same time. This is similar to inoculating yourself to the stress that may come at a moment’s notice – up to and including a deadly force encounter. In other words, just by doing the WOD and focusing on form, intensity, and work completion – you train the body and the mind to work as a team more effectively under extreme conditions.

I encourage everyone not to neglect this opportunity to train your brain. Your ability to think clearly in a worst-case scenario may just be the one factor that saves your life – even in you have a sub-3 fran time.


4 Responses to “Forge Philosophy 2-6-08”

  1. Drew says:

    Wednesday 2/6 @ 5:30pm – 15×1 minute: 260 reps

  2. Debbie says:

    February 4th 400m run, 30 box jumps, 30 wall balls, 5rds for time: 33:57

    February 6th 15×1 minute: 238 reps

    I obviously need to work on my Mental Challenge “Forge Philosophy 2-6-08” We did 15 different exercises for 1 minute each, there were 15 of us so you just had to follow the person in front of you. I switched burbees & push-ups, then went to the wrong rowing machine by then Jeff just followed my around telling me where to go next.

  3. Brett W. says:

    How true ! You better be on point for each workout or your performance will suffer. Eat right , sleep right, and stay focused. The mind is such a huge part of this training.

  4. iugirl says:

    Debbie, you crack me up! I actually really liked the 15 different exercises, although I didn’t really do that well. I agree with Vince regarding the mental aspect of WOD’s, as well as how this can parlay into our ability to function under stress. Makes me wonder how I’ve lived this long…..

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