1 Year Today…

Last year at this time I was sitting at the desk wondering who would show up to do a workout.  I had just opened SHOK Fitness and was hoping that Indianapolis was ready for CrossFit.  The first people to walk through the door, I believe, were Ben and Laura.  They both signed up and we were off and running. 

Now I look back a year later and I think what a rewarding, trying, tough and interesting year it has been.  We have had a lot of people come through our doors.  Some have stayed, some have never been seen again.  I would like to thank all of you have supported Indy CrossFit this past year and continue to support us.  Indy CrossFit has truly become like one big family.  I believe we build more then elite fitness, we build friendships as well. 

I would like to also thank my family.  Without their support and understanding my dream would have never happened. 

Lastly, I want to challenge everyone to help Indy CrossFit push to new heights.  We have come quite a distance from February 1, 2007 til now…and I know we will continue to march along an exciting path.

Happy Birthday Indy CrossFit!

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  1. Debbie says:

    Congratulations Jeff on Indy CrossFit’s 1st birthday. I’m just sorry it took me 2 months to get up the nerve to walk across the parking lot.

    Drew is going to have his 1st birthday pretty soon as well isn’t he?

  2. jeff says:

    Yes, he was born during the snowstorm last Feb. 12. I am glad you walked across the parking lot.

  3. John says:

    Where is the cake?

  4. jeff says:

    You have to come Saturday to eat some cake!

  5. Ben Weger says:

    I remember that February. I’ll see you back in action in about 2 weeks 🙂 I’ll try not to throw up too much in the process of re-crossfitting.

  6. iugirl says:

    I literally accidentally found CrossFit via a poster in what is a now-defunct coffee shop. Little did I know what would take place after taking advantage of my first “free” torture…I mean, workout.

    I am very grateful to Jeff for his patience and support. He has really worked exceptionally hard with me, and introduced me to Highland Games, (which are a blast, as I keep telling you).

    Business…did 9 1/3 rounds on Wednesday. Friday I did the “man maker” workout in 23:08, (I think), with 25 # weights and jumping pullups, (so, double the # of regular pullups). Those man-makers are tough, but I think I like them better than burpees, actually.

    Jeff, congratulations! Let’s keep spreading the word and get more people on board. It’s tough, but the friendships and support make the workouts more fun and doable.


  7. Ben Weger says:

    Was that Corner Coffee by chance?

  8. Jeff Armstrong says:

    Happy B-Day!

  9. mountainman says:


    Congratulations and Happy B-Day to Indy CrossFit! I am certainly glad you opened and thanks again for the great training and support. I am currently in Mendoza, Argentina and our team is all here. We head to the mountain on Monday.

    Again, congrats and thanks!


  10. Drew says:

    Happy Birthday and Congrats, IndyCrossFit!!!!!!!!

    Jeff, Thanks for bringing CrossFit here. You have no idea how much of a positive effect this place has on people. I tell people about our WODs with a huge smile on my face and they just look at me like I’m crazy. 🙂

    Which I am.

    Congrats again Jeff. See you Tomorrow!!!!

  11. iugirl says:

    Ben, I think it was Corner Coffee, at 900 Alabama, I think? Out of business now.

  12. Ben Weger says:

    That’s awesome! I put that flyer up there! I miss that place….

  13. Alaina says:

    Happy Birthday Indy CF!!

    A while back when I left Indy for Syracuse, Jeff told me to keep my head up and so far I have faithfully. In no way have I compromised the hard workouts for the easy ones that everyone else does around me. Still I get the awkward glances and even the doubts. People actually walk up to me and ask, “You seriously think you can lift that?” Politely I reply, “Yes, of course.” And then proceed to do so, not proving to anyone else but myself that I have no limits if I so desire. It’s been a hard trial here but I would like to think I’ve come through on my hard work and my loyalty to CF. I certainly miss being yelled at and verbally abused in that sweat stained and oppressive warehouse on Brookville Road, and not allowing me any comforts of any means. I’m thrilled to see a lot of new faces when I stop by every now and then. I’m also proud to see a lot of familiar faces to come as long as I have. I’m really honored to share the same victories and reap the same benefits of true fitness and discipline. It’s been an amazing journey with Indy CF, and I’m very excited to see what this next year is going to bring.

    Thanks Indy CF!!

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