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Forge Philosophy 2-27-08

Wednesday, February 27th, 2008

We often give our rivals the means of our own destruction.

-Aesop (sixth century B.C)


We can be our own worst enemies. Contemporary life offers many opportunities to fail ourselves by putting off things that we know need to be done. These forces come in many forms, and they all whisper sweet nothings in our ears, offering words of rationalization and comfort. The great thing about what we do here is that it gives one the chance to confront and defeat laziness everyday.


Don’t miss the chance for victory and glory – get the workout done and defeat yourself…



Officer down…




Friday, Saturday and Monday

Tuesday, February 26th, 2008


Two people did “Angie” in the morning.  100 Pullups, 100 Pushups, 100 Situps, 100 Squats for time.  Everyone else did Vince’s Birthday workout.  I finished the workout in 20:24.  Not making excuses, but I could tell I was still in recovery mode from the flu…I STRUGGLED through that workout.


We did “Annie” and then a nice easy 1000k row.  Annie is 50,40,30,20,10 double unders and situps.  This was my first time ever doing this workout.  I enjoyed it.  A big change of pace.  I did this in 9:46…situps were a problem for me.  I know an area I need to work on.


Everyone did 12 Hang Cleans, 20 Box Jumps, 12 Burpees, 5 rounds for time.  I will put up a little info about Dave Patania stopping by Indy CrossFit and the video shortly.  I want to thank all of the fella’s who got up early to get their mugs on tv.  Good job, guys.

Forge Philosophy 2-25-08

Monday, February 25th, 2008





The will to prepare is far more important than the will to win. The will to win is the easy part….everyone wants to win. The challenge is to develop the committment to train – every day – so you’re ready for that one moment in the future when winning is on the line. Derek Parra

Today at the forge we did the following: 5 handstand pushups, 10 pullups, 15 double-unders, and 20 squats per round for 7 rounds….I completed this in 12:53.

And this morning, we had a great turnout for Channel 13’s coverage of Indy Crossfit…if you missed it, go here:

Thanks to all who came extra early for the pain…I’m proud of you guys..
Awesome Lawson back in the gym…





Forge Philosophy 2-23-08

Saturday, February 23rd, 2008


Fantastic Forty



As some of you know, yesterday we did a birthday WOD at the Forge consisting of 40 pullups, 40 ring pushups, 40 cals on the row, 40 burpees, 40 wallballs, 40 deadlifts (185), and 40 boxjumps for time. You’ll never guess how old I am….

Anyway, I did this WOD in 17:59 and when I finished my last rep of the ring pushups, and I crawled to the mat to find my happy place, I felt an acute sense of gratitude. I was thankful that this program exists in the first place, but especially thankful that Jeff was brave enough to bring Crossfit to central Indiana. Because of his bold initiative of bringing a tortuous form of working out to the fattest state in the union, I am now stronger than I was in my 20’s.


Before I met Jeff back in April of last year, I was moving along just fine at the local Globo Gym. But something was missing and I knew it. That missing ingredient was Crossfit and the intensity inherent to the program. When I started this program last year, I suddenly made incredible progress in a short period of time due in no small part to Jeff’s great teaching skill.

So, thanks Jeff, for helping me achieve far more in 9 months than I was able to accomplish in the last 9 years..


lordy, lordy, look who’s 40!



WTHR and Dave Patania

Friday, February 22nd, 2008

Dave, who is WTHR’s fitness guru, is going to be doing a live remote from Indy CrossFit on Monday morning.  I would love for as many people to show up as possible to get on tv.   I need everyone here by 6:10 am (I know Sulli, you might still be sleeping with your teddy bear).  If you can be here I would appreciate it and I know it will make for better tv. 

By the way, I did Vince’s Birthday Bash workout this morning…it was good.  Happy Birthday Vince.

Forge Philosophy 2-20-08

Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

Few men are born brave; many become so through
training and force of discipline.

(Thucydides, The History of the
Peloponnesian War, c. 404 BC)

Today’s workout consisted of 5 rds of 10 power cleans at 115lbs, and 10 pullups, followed by one 500m row for time….I completed this in 10:02.

Brett “Holly”Wood et al.


Friday, Saturday, Monday

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008


We did Fran’s older and more beligerent sister “Francine”

500m Row

21 Thrusters

21 Pullups

3 rounds for time

I believe I did this in 17:47 (I will have to check my notes to be sure).


This one took a bite out of me…nasty for me at least

We did as many rounds in 20 min as possible.  However the catch was after each round you had to add 5 reps to the next round.

We did pushups, double unders, and 20lb squats.  I finished at 35 reps on squats with 40 reps on pushups and double unders completed.  Pushups were a handful for me, then again they have never been my strong point.


400 M Row

25 Wallball

25 Push Press

25 Box Jumps

800 M Row

50 Wallball

50 Push Press

50 Box Jumps

I did not participate due to my 101 degree temperature.  However, everyone has assured me that it was quite tough.


Brian after Friday’s workout.

Forge Philosophy 2-18-08

Monday, February 18th, 2008

While knowing that we will die someday, we think that all the others will die before us and that we will be the last to go. Death seems a long way off. Is this not shallow thinking? It is worthless and is only a joke within a dream….Insofar as death is always at one’s door, one should make sufficient effort and act quickly.

Hagakure: The Book of the Samurai

Today, we did as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of 15 push jerks (95) and 30 squats. I suffered through 8 rds.

The return of Bayan….


Forge Philosophy 2-13-08

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Today, Fran paid a visit to the forge and kicked our collective ass. See video for more.

Another great turnout and some great efforts by all! I got it done in 4:50.

It is rare to break one’s leg when toiling upwards –

it happens much more often when one starts to take things easy and to choose the easy paths.

Friedrich Nietzsche

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Friday, Saturday and Monday

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008


Did 20 Push Press, 40 Kettlebell Swings, 60 Pullups, 80 Double Unders, 100 Squats.  We did this in all of the classes in the AM and PM.  Nice little workout.  I finished this is 14:43 I believe.


Nasty Suffer on Saturday.  1000 M Row, 20 Double Unders, 15 Power Clean and Jerk with 135lbs.  3 Rounds for time.  There was only 3 of us for this workout, but it was a smoker.  I finished in 23:59.


Vince and I did our seminar.  It was a great time and a great turnout.  If you read Vince’s post already you know that no pix were taken. However, you have to come to the one in March to find out all the stuff we learned.


AM crew did 5 front squats, 5 double unders, 5 box jumps on the minute every minute for 20 minutes.  If you could not make the 15 reps you were done.  I went to 20 (I actually had more in me, it just would have taken a while to complete).

PM crew did 5 thrusters, 5 double unders, 5 box jumps.  Same premise as the AM crew, however, near the 20 minute mark we still had 4 people rocking and rolling so I did a 3 minute winner takes all sprint with the most rounds completed.  Good job to everyone on that workout.


P’Pool getting some work done.