Forge Philosophy 1-29-08

We’ve had some great turnouts and some great individual efforts at the forge recently. I’d like to encourage everyone to keep up the great work and the persistent mind set that is so critical when attempting to achieve your best.

I’ve been harping a lot lately about technique and the need to develop virtuosity with the mechanics of our movements. Its is human nature to seek shortcuts – especially when we suffer. Yes, as we tire, our technique will inevitably degrade. But this is not really what I’m talking about. I encourage everyone to seek technical mastery of the movements so that the onset of this degradation gets farther and farther into the workout. (as opposed to there not being ANY mastery to begin with….)

For those interested in some extra coaching on this point, we’ll be starting a mechanics lesson on a monthly basis- the first one will be Feb 10th. Your workouts will be improved once you learn the subtle nuances of each movement. Trust me.

Yesterday, we did the following:

400m run, 25 pullups – 600m run, 50 pushups – 800m run, 75 situps – 1200m run, 100 squats – for time.

A pretty good squat actually!


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  1. iugirl says:

    I knew Saturday would be brutal. I am a chicken. That is why I stayed at home! Plus, I would have still been there at noon trying to get it done!

    Monday I did the workout in a blistering 35:36. Turned around on Tuesday and we did push-jerks, then lifted some telephone poles and tractor tires. See, you never know what you will do on any given day at CrossFit! I’ll say it again—you’re missing out if you aren’t doing the weight training on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  2. Debbie says:

    Monday 29:50

  3. Kim says:

    Saturday was brutal, that’s for sure.
    Monday – I finished in 31:57
    Tuesday – I did 120lbs on push-jerk – more than I thought I could do. I think I am finally starting to see improvement.

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