Forge Philosophy 1-24-08

Yesterday, the forge paid another visit to “Jackie”. This WOD is a crossfit benchmark which includes a 1000m row, 50 thrusters (45) and 30 pullups. For some, it was their first experience meeting Jackie. For others, it was a chance to measure some progress. Everyone made gains, either by reducing their time or increasing weight and range of motion. I suspect that we’ll be seeing more of these benchmark workouts in the future, especially after we dig out from the winter freeze.

And another reminder to all: this Saturday (the 26th) at 8:30am, we’ll be having a bon voyage workout with Joe Lawson as he prepares to conquer the highest peak in the western hemisphere. If you can, come by and get a workout in, or just wish Joe good luck…you may learn something and be inspired at the same time. For those who missed the news coverage we had a few days ago, check it out: wxin_01-20-2008_230106.wmv

local fighters John, Jake and James puttin’ the hurt on jackie…

local fighters John, Jake, and James puttinÂ’ the hurt on Jackie

2 Responses to “Forge Philosophy 1-24-08”

  1. Morgan says:

    Dropped 1:24 off Nov. time and did kipping pullups and not jumpers.

  2. the blacksmith says:

    8:00 rx PR by 28 seconds.

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