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Pretty straight forward 7 pullups, 7 burpees, 12 double unders, rounds in 20 minutes.  Was pretty tough one…also, had a good turnout and some good totals on this one.  I did 12 rounds as RX’d


Did a little jump squatting with weight.  Worked our explosive phase.  Also, did some plate stacking and single arm snatching.  If you are completely confused by what I just wrote you need to be in here to lift heavy with us.

Lastly, thanks to Joe L for the hook up.  Hopefully we should have some video shortly up.

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  1. Kim says:

    Monday I finished 7 rounds – was starting 8 just not fast enough!

    Wednesday, average row time 1:50 – Guess I need to build my recovery time. Good work out though>

  2. Debbie says:

    Monday 8 1/3 rounds, was on my 4th round before I realized I was doing 7 double unders instead of 12 used my next few rounds to make up the ones I missed.

  3. Simon says:

    Felt great on this one got 12 rounds made good time in the D/Unders, my kip P/ups are finally getting there, what can I say about the dreaded Burpee’s will they ever get any easier.

    Tough one, need to work on recovery and rowing technique, first round, pulled with my arms and not the back and shoulders spent my forearms, ended up with a 132.

  4. iugirl says:

    To you potential Highland Games athletes out there— if you are thinking of competing this summer, give http://www.nasgaweb.com a look. See if there are games you are for sure interested in. I am just trying to think ahead for purposes planning transportation and such. Jeff can fill you in on more of the games than I can, but get with either one of us and we can help you get started and pick some decent games. Hopefully, we can work out a way to travel together to some of the games, at least. Either of us can tell you the ones we are participating in. They are a lot of fun. Jeff is planning a clinic with Lannie here sometime soon. That will be very beneficial.

    As for CrossFit—Monday I did only 6 rounds, but actually did band pullups this time. Big step. Tuesday’s weight workout was really good, too. I am learning a lot of specific exercises for specific goals/purposes. I am still scared of box jumps, or any kind of jumping, but I am a little bit closer. I do mean a “little bit”.


  5. Drew says:

    Monday: 10 1/3 rounds. My double-under’s felt like double-udder’s.

    Wednesday: 1:21, 1:26, 1:31, 1:36, 1:31, Final Score – 1:36.

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