On Tuesday we did a CrossFit Total…you can find more info about CFT at  We had some big numbers thrown up by a lot of people.  We also had some newbies who had a chance to do their first CFT.  The only thing I have to say about our T and Th lifting class is that if you want to build some more dynamic strength, these are the classes to attend.  However, if you want to wonder why people are improving and you are not…it very well could be due to the fact that they are getting stronger and you are not.  So strap it on and get your ass to our T and Th class at 5:30. 

 This is for The Joe…1075 total.  355 squat (I know I missed at 385…), 205 overhead (felt like I had a little more…maybe a 210 or 215 in me) and a monster 515 deadlift. 

Yesterday in the am and pm we did 8 push press, 12 squats, 15 situps for rounds in 20 minutes.  I was feeling a little ill so laid off of this one.  However, we had a couple of very impressive performances…Sarah S went 16 1/3 on this one.  I can personally say that she might be the Queen of the Situp. 

Post em if you got em.

8 Responses to “CFT”

  1. Simon says:

    13 2/3 with 35lbs kettlebells.
    I really need to work on my core, the sit-ups killed me.

  2. Dr. J says:

    15 2/3 rounds with 40 lbs dumbells. I agree with Simon, the sit-ups were pretty much the deal breaker.

  3. Debbie says:

    14 with 45lb push press, I think I should have done 55 lbs. Still coughing and everytime I do my abs are screaming.

  4. Drew says:

    14 rounds with 95lb barbell push press. Felt pretty good.
    (Note to self: Don’t do sit-ups with boney ass on the thin rubber lifting mats again… ouch)

  5. iugirl says:

    I did 9 2/3 rounds, I think, w/25# dumbbells on the push press. I got a ball rolled to me, so you know what that means. I might have done one more round, but being the brainiac I am, I lost count, despite yelling out my rounds. Oh, well…..

  6. The Joe says:

    Work & travel the last couple days, so no WODs 🙁 A little hungover today, so today’s will suck!

    355?!? There is no reason for you not to be over 400! Hell, look at your deadlift numbers; you have the strength. 515…yeah, I’m not quite up there…YET 😉

    Just recently accepted a job back in New Orleans, so I’ll finally be moving back home. Second order of business…order a cage, a good bar, and some bumpers (first order of business is find a house with a garage)! I figure there is no place around here to CF, so I’ll make my own. Which brings up a good question…Jeff, where did you get your plates (the 10# with the metal in the middle)?

  7. The Joe says:

    …and about this “515” deadlift. Were there any witnesses 😉

  8. Sarah says:

    16 1/3… I have to agree with Drew…don’t do your situps on the black mat…very painful!!

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