Fun times at Indy CrossFit

Some more WOD’s.


The am crew did 200 m row, 12 push jerk, 20 Kettlebell swing for 5 rounds.  I believe I did this in 16:17.

The pm crew did 600 m run, 20 box jumps, 20 pushups, 20 wallball, 20 Thrusters for 3 rounds.

1/10 Did some heavy snatching.  3x3x3x3x3 for load.  I ended up with 155 over head.

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  1. Brian Sullivan says:

    Well, Vince was busting my chops about not posting so here goes. I just got back late Tues night from a week in Florida. While there, I did get in two sessions of Crossfit at Gulf Coast Crossfit. My thanks to Frank DiMeo for letting me work out free of charge. Frank had some good insight as I practiced the power snatch and he showed me some new explosive training with bands. Thanks again Frank.

    Thurs after my return I went to the O class and did snatch again. Got 155 overhead.

    Today I went to the Forge and we did 5×5 on the HSPU and the Squat. Still can’t quite touch my head on the floor, but I’m ever closer. As far as the squat…well. 135×5, 185×5, 205×5, 225×5 and 275×1. I got these on very deep squats. I haven’t been doing the squat this low so I think that is why my numbers weren’t as good as before. But, I think my numbers will really start to climb now that I am going far deeper in my squat. Let me know if you think this is not correct.

    Okay. Long enough. This might get Vince off of my back for a day or two.

  2. the blacksmith says:

    Actually, Brian did have a very good squat day – his form was very solid and as deep as it could get. Can’t be mad.

  3. iugirl says:

    Vince’s “dissertation” is motivating. Unfortunately, that can last only a few minutes with me!!!

    Finally got in on Friday after a long week off, (unfortunately). We did 20 minutes, as many rounds of: 7 pullups/7HSPU/7 Burpees. We had to do 21 jumping PU for 7 regular PU, or 14 of some other modification of PU, which I now can’t remember. I did a whopping 5 whole rounds and was beginning my sixth when time, thankfully, ran out. I felt like I was starting all over! That sucks.

    See everyone on Monday, and the “throwers” on Sunday at 8AM.

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