A trip to “Holiday Hill”

We had 15 brave souls show up for Christmas Eve and our now traditional trip to “Holiday Hill”.  We did a little hill climbing and weightlifting.  Good times for everyone.  Yes, we will do Holiday Hill on January 1.  However, a couple of people said we should rename it “Hangover Hill”.  Nice.  That will be the only workout on New Year’s Day. 



Morning crew did 21 15 9 of pullups, Push Jerk, Wall ball and 300 m row.  “The Forge” jumped on 3 rounds of 600 m run, 30 pullups and 15 thrusters.  While the evening crew did 600 m run, 45 pullups, 45 burpees, 45 push jerk, 45 wallball 600 m row.

A few answers to questions.  I get lots of emails and I think I might start answering some of the general questions here on the blog.

Many people have asked about shirts, sweatshirts, hats etc with our new logo.  Yes, we will have these items shortly. 

Some people have asked about our Holiday Party.  Yes, we will have a Holiday Party/Open House.  Our planning committee is looking to do this on Jan. 3 around 6 pm.

I have had lots of people email me regarding Commando Krav Maga.  Yes, we will offer a Level I course starting sometime at the end of January. 

There has been lots of questions regarding our schedule and new times.  At this time our schedule will stay the same, however, I am exploring a 5:30 pm class and a 6:15 pm class on M W F.  The reason for this is that our 6 pm class is usually loaded and we only have a couple of people show up for the 7 pm class. 


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  1. Brian Sullivan says:

    At the firehouse today so I did DL’s because its a heavy day. I had planned on doing a 5x5x3x3x3x1x1 but it turned into a 5x5x3x3x2xfailure. Did 135, 225, 295, 345, 365 and failed at 385. Disappointed in not getting the 385.

  2. Tod says:

    Has anyone heard of Vemma or Mangosteen? My cousin has been harping about it being gods greatist gift. Personally I am skeptical but then again I dont know much about it.

  3. Brian S says:

    Did the morning crew this morning without the crew. Just me. Well, Jeff was there to count for me. Thanks Jeff. 20 min as many rounds as possible of 5 DL (135#) 7 Pullups, 12 box jumps. Got 13 1/3 I think. Jeff please correct me if I’m wrong.

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