Important notice…

Wednesday nights class will be at 5:30 pm start time.  This will be a one time thing as I will be speaking at the Indianapolis Scottish Society dinner.  If you have any questions please email me at

Also, a quick WOD note from Monday.  The morning classes did 21 18 15 12 9 of Push Press, Burpees to Jump, and wallballs for time.  “The Forge” did “Karen” for time and the evening class did pushups, situps, squats on the minute every minute plus one for as long as you can go.  Post your times.

Oh, lastly, quick shout out to Buddy Lee Ropes…if you want a jump rope buy a Buddy Lee.  No, I am not getting paid to endorse the ropes, they are just plain badassness.

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  1. The Joe says:

    Ooo, Monday’s sounds like fun. I wanted to do some thrusters, so may do thrusters instead of push-press. “Burpees to Jump”, is that to jumping pull-ups? (I hate burpees!)

  2. jeff says:

    yes a jumping pullup…got the Buddy Lee…triples here I come…bwahhahhahha

  3. Simon says:

    Mondays “Out Last” workout creeps up on you really quickly; you wouldn’t think adding 1 to each round would be as tough as it was.
    I was able to do 17 rounds before time got the best of me.

    Bop to the Top
    If anybody is interested in doing the “Bop to the Top” Feb 2nd 08
    I will leave some entry forms with Jeff, or you can go to to print one out.

  4. The Joe says:

    I guess that means I have to start working on quadruples; hell, quintuples!

  5. Brian Sullivan says:

    I’m just want my shins to stop looking like I’ve been in a prison camp for the last ten years. Still love the buddy lee though.

  6. iugirl says:

    Is “badassness” a word?

  7. The Joe says:

    12/11 – Did 12/10 WOD. Subbed Thrusters (used 50db) for Push-Press. 20:28. Leggs felt like jell-o.

    Had to use dumbbells cause some highschool kid was using the only bar in the gym to work on his bench press. Nothing against the bench press, but this kid was doing 95# then getting up and staring at himself in the mirror while feeling himself up. DUDE IT’S AN EFFIN’ GYM, CHECK YOUR EGO AT THE DOOR AND GET SOME EFFIN’ WORK DONE!

    Sully – Great visual of your shins. It reminds me about my workout Monday. When I was doing my double-unders, something went wrong, and twice I got nice WHACK rigth in the face. First (and second) time that happened, not really sure what went wrong; but I better fix it before getting a Buddy Lee, cause it seems like those things really move.

  8. Brian Sullivan says:

    Sarah and I are heading to Florida for a little R&R Jan 1-8. Doesn’t mean I’m laying off the crossfit. Where are you? There is a CF affiliate about 3 miles from where we are staying in Siesta Key. If your anywhere close, lets hook up.

    12/12 WOD 3 rounds. 600m run, 12 Power Cleans 95#, 12 KB swings 55#, 12 Pull Ups, 12 Box Jump on the 36in Box. Jeff made me step it up on the big box. 20:18.

  9. The Joe says:

    12/12 – Did 12/10 Evening WOD, 20 rounds. Started round 21 and by the third or forth push-up I knew there was no way.

    Sully, Alaina and I will be in New Orleans for New Years, not to mention LSU playing for the BCS National Championship (Geaux Tigers!). I don’t get back to FL until the 9th. Why don’t you have them change the dates for the vollyball tournament 😉 Siesta Key is almost directly across the state from Jupiter (east coast v. west coast), so not too far. I vote for changing the tournament dates!

    Glad to see Jeff’s putting the big box to use.

  10. The Joe says:

    12/13 – Did modified-abbreviated version of “Griptastic” (Painstorm XXXII). (Modified) Subbed 500M Rows with 400M Runs (no row machine and someone was using the one bar so I couldn’t do SDHP), and (abbreviated) missed last two 400M Runs due to a torrential downpour. Used 35#db, 38:43. Not a strong effort at all. If I would have had done as Rx’ed probably would have been 50+. Workout not difficult, I just haven’t done a long one in a while and I bonked around 25ish min. I also broke my cardinal rule of not “chit-chatting” during a WOD. The discussion of steroid use in baseball came up and I just had to throw my two cents in (you know I love a good argument).

    As a side note, one of the trainers, last night, ruptured his bicep tendon. Yep, the bicep was just kinda hanging off to the side; and boy did that thing swell up fast, about 3x normal size. How much was he lifting you ask; oh no, he wasn’t lifting. His client, a young kid (middle school?), lost his balance and the trainer reached out and caught him…yeah. Just thought it was ironic that it happened just after he was defending the use of steroids in professional sports.

  11. The Joe says:

    12/15 – Did Running Jumping Angie (i.e. Ran 1000M, did Angie, plus additional 100 Double-Unders at the end). 30:30.

    400M lunges looked cool, may do 800. We’ll see how the first 400 go.

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