WOD’s, WOD’s, WOD’s

12/1 SOS and 7:15 Monday evening class did the same workout.  7 man makers, 12 double unders for 5 rounds.

12/3 Morning crew did the wallball and row ladder.  800 m row, 20 wallball, 600 m row, 40 wallball, 400 m row, 60 wallball, 200 m row, 80 wallball.

“The Forge” did 100 rope jumps, 50 squats, 25 pushups for 5 rounds.

Post your times or comments so people can talk about it…

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  1. The Joe says:

    12/4 – Did Front Squats 5×5 (135WU, 185, 225, 245, 255, 245), followed by some Clean work (135 x 8, 185 x 1 x 3). Finished with some Iron Cross work (feet on stool, 20sec & 15sec).

    Those Man-Makers sound like fun, may do the 12/1 SOS today…Eff Burpees!

  2. Brian Sullivan says:


    Got my rope tonight. Looking forward to getting started. It is super light and fast. Way smoother than anything I have ever used before.

  3. The Joe says:

    12/5 – Did 12/1 SOS 9:07. Man-Makers done with 40#db. Last rep of round 4 & last two reps of round 5 were not full (A2A) squat cleans, more like half squat (except for last rep which was power clean).


    I’m jealous! I hope my brother comes through for my B-Day cause now I really want one. Which rope did you get (6in handle or 9in handle)?

    Don’t know what I’m doing tonight. Wanted to start doing 2 “strength” days a week (Tues & Thurs), but may do “Joe” tonight to celebrate my B-Day 🙂

  4. Brian Sullivan says:

    Got the silver 6″. It was about 46 dollars with shipping. They are really fast. Now I gotta get some rythm.

    12/5 Filthy Thirty. I think that was the name. 30 of all: SDHP, Burpees, Pullups, 20# weighted box jumps, situps, pullups, Cal on row. 14:37.

    12/6 Black Box ME. Did 4×4 Clean. 135. 155. 175. 185. Then did rack cleans. Starting position was just below the knees for me. Did 4×4. 135. 155. 165. 175.

  5. The Joe says:

    12/6 – Did “Joe” 7.5 rounds (down from 10.25 last time). Almost didn’t even go to the gym; just wasn’t feeling it. Definitely half-assed the workout.

    Once again, my brother dropped the ball. Now I’m gunna have to buy the rope myself. Maybe he’s planning on giving it to me for Christmas. If so, I guess I’ll have a back-up.

    I was trying to get my customer to send me up there for a couple weeks to help out with the end of the year rush. Only problem is that they don’t seem to be in any sort of a hurry. Oh well, will have to surprise ya’ll another time.

  6. Brian S says:

    12/10 WOD. 21,18,15,12,9 Push Press 95#, Burpees to jumping pullup, 20# wallball. Did this in 20:32. Not bad, but my legs were still really sore from volleyball tourney on Sat. Still hate Burpees and adding a pullup just makes it suck that much more.

    Joe: Worked the buddy lee friday and used it to warm up on Sat at volleyball. Doubles are getting better. Already convinced Jeff to buy one. He used it once. He is convinced he can get triples with it.

  7. The Joe says:

    12/7 – OHS work 95x10x2, 135x5x3, 185x1x2, 205×1. Still wasn’t feeling like being at the gym…no motivation I guess. Had to work Saturday, so no WOD.

    Sully: Yeah, when I read what you wrote about the rope, my first thought was “Triples here I come!”. Now that I know Jeff is going to be working on them, well let’s just say I may have to step up another notch 😉

    Brother said he was getting me the rope for Christmas, so I guess I’ll have to wait. I’m trying to get my diet back on track. Birthday celebration went well into the weekend. IFing today, and maybe tomorrow. That will help me get back to “normal”. Going to NO again for Christmas and New Years, so…

  8. The Joe says:

    12/10 – Did 12/3 Forge. Rounds 1 & 5 did 100 double-unders. 17:43. Felt good to do high rep squat work; need more. Also, haven’t done thrusters in a while; may throw some heavy ones in today.

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