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Quick reflection on November.  First of all, I want to thank everyone for being understanding and supportive of our new schedule.  I believe it was a very successful transition.  I have received lots of feedback and most of it has been positive.  I have also received some very constructive criticism that I appreciate and will mull over the advice that was passed on to me…now onto a new month.

December is going to be hectic at SHOK Fitness/Indy CrossFit.  We have large classes and new people coming in all the time. 

We are going to plan on having a Holiday Party somewhere between Christmas and New Year’s.  It will most likely be a come and go, grab some food and drink party.  It will also be a chance for some folks to maybe meet other people from other classes that they have not had the good fortune of meeting yet.  Stay tuned to the blog and the board and SHOK for more details (they will be forthcoming very, very shortly).

Also, please check the board at SHOK for Holiday Schedule.  Currently, we will be closed Christmas Day, BUT, we will do Holiday Hill on Christmas Eve.  We will  be open New Year’s Eve in the morning, but not in the evening.  We WILL do a Holiday Hill for the New Year.

Speaking of Holidays…if you would like to give the gift of fitness, we do have gift certificates available for Classes, Private Training and Seminars.

Now for the fun stuff…11/28 WOD’s.

The 6, 7:15 and 7 class all did 600 M Row, 15 Burpees, 15 Thrusters, 15 Box Jumps, 15 Kettlebell Swings.  3 Rounds for time.  This was particularly nasty as I was flat on my back trying to recover.

“The Forge” did a row, knees to elbows, push jerk and wallballs with a 90 second work, and 60 second rest.  Sounds crazy…on a side note, I had the good fortune of taking over “The Forge” yesterday, as Vince was at CrossFit training in Charlotte.  If you are looking for a lunch time workout…don’t go anywhere else except “The Forge”.  Vince has got some studs in that class.

The 6 pm class did a nice little aerobic/anaerobic stopper.  2 minutes of row, 2 min of double unders, 2 min jumping pullups, 2 min situps, 2 rounds with no rest.

11/30 All classes did “Cindy” 5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 squats as many rounds as can be done in 20 minutes.  We benchmarked Cindy at the beginning of the month and saw some huge improvements at the end of the month.  Great job to everyone for working hard in Novemember, but it is time to take it to the next level in December.


6 am getting some on the CrossFit tip…

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  1. Heather says:

    11/28 time was 25:38. 11/30 “Cindy”…I was able to do 14 rounds, two more than at the beginning of the month.

    Welcome to new guy Brad in our class.

    I’ll be out for a while for a few reasons. I’ll miss you guys. I already miss some of the people I used to work out with that come to different class times.

  2. Brian S says:

    Did 11/28 in 25:39. It was nasty. Layed off yesterday because of a volleyball tourney today. I am jumping and blocking better than I ever have. I am jumping so well that it has completely screwed up my timing. This is a good problem to have. Looking forward to December. 31 days to get my Brett body before Florida.

  3. The Joe says:

    OK, Vacations suck!!! Went home (NO) for Thanksgiving and ate way too much crap (i.e. leftover Halloween candy) and drank way too much (it is New Orleans). Back in the gym last Wednesday and, well, let me just say, Snickers & Bourbon are not good fuel!

    These are the numbers I can remember. Before I left (11/21) I did the 11/21 WOD slightly modified, instead of 6 pull-ups I did 6 box jumps, for 22 rounds (z-squats done with 135 taken from a rack, not ground!). That one was fun; this of coarse was before the sugar overload (4 days worth!!!). Got back in the gym last Wed. and did a running Elizabeth (800m, 21 cleans, 21 ring dips, 400m, 15 cleans, 15 ring dips, 200m, 9 cleans, 9 ring dips). Figured the running would help punish me for my behavior on vacation, but it was the cleans that really beat me up (22:32). Thurs. I got brave and decided to tackle the 11/23 Forge. Not too bad. I have to work on my jumprope technique (off to to check out Buddy Lee videos) cause my arm got tired; so, double-unders were my limiting factor (8 rounds). Friday was the 11/26 Forge, HOLY CRAP!!! This was a beast of a workout. I’m not sure if I did it correctly, but I did burpees to pull-ups G.I.Jane style. I only got 2 rounds + 10 box jumps + 20 HSPU + 21 Burpees to Pull-ups (was hoping for 3 rounds…will definitely try this one again when I’m back to 90+ %). Saturday found me doing some strength work, or should I say lack of strength work. JEFF, MY DEADLIFT HAVE GONE TO HELL!!! All I’m going to say is I was reduced to doing a couple sets of 225×10 (with perfect form I might add). This was after a couple sets of 1 & 2 rep “heavy” weight (which was actually old warm-up weight…ugh). I think I just need to buy my own bumper plates, cause since I’ve drastically reduced (read: eliminated) my O-Lifts, my strength has DRASTICALLY diminished. My met-con workouts are not too bad (not really improving as much as I want, but that could be my fault for too many reasons to go into), but my strength…depressing.

    Vince, Congrats on the Cert!!! I have to admit, I have kinda become a Forge junkie. Not taking anything away from Jeff, cause his WODs give me a woopin’ too; but what really makes me feel good is whipping an absolutely BRUTAL workout. On that note, today I may do the 11/21 Forge (especially after all the accolades it got from Jeff!). Is that 21 DB Snatches in each hand for round one (42 total) or 21 total? May do lighter weight & each hand or heavier weight & combine the two. We’ll see.

    Hope everyone had a nice Holiday,

  4. the blacksmith says:

    Joe: thanks for the kudos! We miss you!! By the way, the 11/21 Forge starts with 21 right- hand snatches, followed by 21 left-hand for a total of 42 reps using a 40 pound weight and, yes, it does suck……

    The cert was an awesome experience! I highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity. I was fortunate to meet the giants of crossfit, including Coach Glassman, Nicole, Greg Amundson, Rob Miller, and Buddy Lee, the jump rope stud…We had a 2-hour jump rope seminar early Sunday morning that smoked us all before the day even began. Being surrounded by those folks and other like-minded individuals from around the country completely validated my continuing belief in the value of the crossfit way of life.

    By the way, check out the crossfit main site and click on the group picture of the cert attendees posted yesterday…I’m in the front – representin’!


  5. Brian Sullivan says:

    Looking forward to the new O classes starting this week. Can’t make Tues (firehouse) but I will be there Thurs.

    Joe when you coming into town?? Looking to start the Zone this month. Just ordered the book and I want to pick your brain.

    Congrats to Vince!!! Going to try to make some more of the Forge but this sice job is killing me.

  6. The Joe says:

    OK Vince, I have a question. Is Nicole as hot in person as she is in the vids and pics? Wait, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

    21 each hand sounds good. I was going to use 55 though. Should take me the better part of a day. I assume that I have to finish one hand before I can switch to the other, right?

    How freakin’ amazing is Buddy Lee on a jump rope!?! I told my little brother I wanted one of Buddy’s ropes for my birthday and he looked at me like I was an idiot. “What the hell do you need a $30 jump rope for?” I said “Give me the rope and a couple months and I’ll show you. Now put down the M&Ms and come workout with me!” He still in the “I wanna get into shape, but don’t want to do any work” camp. One day…

    As a side note, my little cousin has been coming to the gym with me, but doing the BB style workouts with his trainer (that’s what he wanted). Tues before Thanksgiving the trainer wasn’t there, so I said “why don’t you just workout with me?!” “OK”. That day I was doing the 11/19 WOD, so I scaled it (except for the run), reps in half, swings and cleans with 15#db. I took about 30min prior to show him proper form and make sure he understood how to do each exercise (db cleans were difficult for him to grasp). Anyway, he was fine with the run, strugled a little with the swings & pushups, but the cleans beat him down. He was having a little trouble and by #12 he went down to 12# bds, but that didn’t help much (only did 15 instead of 20). Box jumps & pull-ups were OK. Then he gets to burpees and I tell him he has to make up the 5 cleans he missed by doing 10 burpees instead of 5. So he finishes and after catching his breath, we head home. On the way out he says “That was fun. I like burpees.” I think the kid needs help! He’s not totally converted yet, but I have talked his trainer into thowing in some X-Fit type exercises into his “routine” (ugh…routines). That way, when he decides he wants to give it a go, he’ll have some sense of how to do the exercises.


  7. The Joe says:


    The Zone is a great place to start (I found Mastering the Zone on Amazon for $0.01 + $3.99 S&H, recommend it over Entering the Zone, but those are the only 2 I’ve read). I found it was a good place to figure out the QUANTITY of food I needed. The Paleo diet was good for the QUALITY of food (pretty basic: meat, fish, foul, eggs, nuts, berries, seeds, fruits, green leafy veggies. There is some debate about certain veggies, e.g. potatoes & beans, and milk. Personal preference as far as I’m concerned).

    One main thing to remember about “diets”, take what you read as a starting point. The only person who will be able to tell you specifically, what works for you is you. For instance, the zone recommends 30% Carbs & 30% Fat; however, I have found that I perform much better with a much higher percentage of my calories coming from fat (40%-50%).

    I always get funny looks from people who don’t know me, or don’t know how I eat, when I dine with them. I always hear “Have you heard of Cholesterol?” (I love playing with those people). FAT (FATTY ACID) IS NOT BAD OR EVIL OR THE DEVIL…IT’s FUEL!

    I will say this, don’t believe all the hype that you read in the news and see on TV. Read studies for yourself ( For instance, is Cholesterol bad or good (FYI: LDL & HDL are not cholesterol, they are lipoprotiens which transport cholesterol)? Fact: Your body produces it. Fact: It is required in the membrane of mammalian cells for normal cellular function. I’m no doctor/scientist but I don’t think a species would last very long if it created something that is so essential, but at the same time so deadly. There have been many studies (and many more recently, i.e. within the last 5 years) that debunk the Lipid Hypothesis, but I’m sure you won’t hear about them with the vigor that you hear about the ones that make us dependant on the drug companies (Lipitor sales totaled $12.2 Billion in 2005…that’s Billion with a “B”). Thank god for the internet.

    Sorry, got off on a rant there. Zone is a good place to start. Just remember, as with any major lifestyle change, there will be a transition period. You will probably feel like crap for about two weeks. For hunger, my suggestion would be keep some almonds or walnuts around for when you get the munchies. For lethargy, ? drink coffee or tea but NO SUGAR!! Sorry, almost started another rant (Jeff’s gunna kick me off the boards!!). Give yourself about a month where you seriously try the lifestyle (eff “diet”); if you don’t like it, change something. If you do like it stick with it. After a while (maybe another couple weeks) you may want to start to tinker even more. I have to say, as an engineer, I believe that the fuel you put into your body has a direct correlation to the output (i.e. performance) that you get from your body. Therefore, I say tinker. If it works stick with it, if not try something else.

    Good Luck, and if you need more info email me (don’t want to hijack Jeff’s threads…to much). Oh, one other thing, If you like to cook, this stuff never gets boring 😉

  8. The Joe says:

    No, Joe just has too much time on his hands today.

    Joe’s deadlifts…now those suck!

  9. Heather says:

    Man, I thought my posts were long 🙂

  10. the blacksmith says:

    joe – you’re correct in your assumption re: the 21 straight before going to the other hand…

    As far as the zone goes, every crossfit HQ trainer i talked to still swears by it – so much so that I guess I’m gonna have to try it for myself. But Joe is right – everyone is different and will respond accordingly. Tweaking the proportions is not a bad thing and everyone I spoke to said that they continuously adjust it.

    The Buddy Lee seminar was a surprise bonus for us. They told us about it Saturday and said that it was an optional class going from 7a-9a Sunday morning. Of-course, almost everyone showed up and it was totally worth it. His ropes are quality and well worth the money. Buddy’s jump rope teaching is a new component of the crossfit fitness program as they have just posted a crossfit-jump rope certification available in 08….

    And as far as Nicole goes, I won’t torture you with the answer….


  11. Brian S says:


    Thanks for the info. I am waiting on my zone book already. Same deal you got. Cost me a penny plus shipping through amazon. I ordered it Sat. night along with Rippetoe’s book on starting strength with the barbell. Also have a Rope on the way. My double unders are so limiting that I am going to have to practice on my off days at the firehouse. It would be so nice to crank out twenty of those in about 15 secs.

    We did a nice little move today called a man maker if you want to piss of your burbee loving cousin. Basic burbee but you do it with two forty lbs dumbbells and do a full clean on the way up and finish with a press at the top. They truelly suck!!

    Vince, looks like we are both going to try this zone thing. I would appreciate any help, motivation, notes etc as you go through this.


  12. Super Steve says:

    Made my first visit to The Forge today. Where the hell was everyone today?

  13. The Joe says:

    11/21 Forge w/55#db 10:36

  14. shawn says:

    I agree with Sully, the manmakers with 40# dumbbells are rough. That’s a lot of weight at the top. Went 11:22 for the workout.

  15. the blacksmith says:

    great effort joe! and rx+++ cool

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