11/12/07 WOD’s

6:00 am did 5 deadlift, 9 box jumps and 15 wallball.  As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes.

7:15 am did 400 m run 9 deadlifts, 15 wallball and 5 Hand stand Push ups.  5 rounds for time.

“The Forge” jumped on “Jackie”.  1000 m row, 50 thrusters, 30 pullups for time.

6:00 pm class did 2 min of row, 2 min of Deadlift, 2 min of Pullups and 2 min of Hand stand push ups as three teams.  They did 3 rounds of this.

7:00 pm did the same workout as the 6:00 am class did.

Great job to everyone.


Morning Crew gettin’ some CrossFit love.

5 Responses to “11/12/07 WOD’s”

  1. jeff says:

    Did the 6 am workout…11 2/3 rounds with 225lb deadlift. I was smoked. Just for Joe H., I squatted 3 reps at 335 just before I did the workout.

  2. The Joe says:

    I don’t want to talk about squats right now. I had a horrible “strength” day yesterday. After warming up, I started @315X5 to get the legs ready, went 365 but didn’t feel strong so only went to 385 next…FAIL!!! Oh was I pissed at myself. That should have been easy. I wasn’t getting out of the hole strong enough so went back down to 315 and just concentrated exploding up at the bottom. Just further proof that I need to work my heavy basics more often. I finished it up with some iron cross progression work (feet on stool in front of me L-sit style) then some Ring Handstand Pushup practice (took a few attempts to get comfortable with the ring handstand). Did my first ring HSPU so that saved my otherwise disastrous day.

  3. Brian Sullivan says:

    Is that a comment from THE Joe H.???

  4. Heather says:

    Jeff, could you please post any changes to the regular schedule for this week (Thanksgiving). Also, I liked this morning’s workout (Sat 11-17)….although it wore me out.

  5. The Joe says:

    THE one and only…

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